Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and culture, the cuisines across regions vary significantly from each other. Every cuisine and almost every region, uses its own available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices, traditions and festivals that are passed on from generations.

A traditional Indian diet in India typically consists of dals, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and more. In this section you will find more than 1000+ main course recipes spread over North Indian Vegetarian Recipes, South Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Rice Recipes, Non Veg Recipes and much more. Below are some of the collections.

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Karwar Style Kairichi Udid Methi Recipe (Raw Mango Methi Curry)

Karwar Style Kairichi Udid Methi Recipe (Raw Mango Methi Curry) is a Konkani style raw mango curry. Its tangy, spicy, little sweetish with a hint of bitterness acquired from methi seeds in it. Its one of the must dish in Konkani festivals. Served with steamed rice, they taste absolute finger licking. Serve Karwar Style Kairichi Udid Methi Recipe (Raw Mango Methi Curry) along with Punjabi Style Tinda Sabji, Palak Raita and Phulka for your everyday meal. If you like this Kairichi Udid Methi ...

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Stuffed Mooli Paneer Paratha Recipe

A delicious paratha recipe,  Stuffed Mooli Paneer Paratha, has a stuffing of radish and cottage cheese seasoned with salt and cumin powder. The addition of ginger-garlic-green chilli in the filling gives the paratha a lovely flavour.  Did you know: Radish is a low calorie vegetable, rich in fibre is known to be very good for the liver and stomach and it acts as a powerful detoxifier too. Radishes have long been known to have a low glycemic index, which means that eating it does not ...

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Kerala Kadala Curry Recipe - Spicy Chickpeas in Coconut Curry

Kerala Kadala Curry Recipe is a delectable recipe that is a popular dish from the Kerala Cuisine. Kadala in this dish means chickpeas and most popularly the kala chana or the brown chickpea is used to make this dish. The coconut is ground along with fennel and coriander seeds and then cooked along in a gravy that has flavours coming from baby onions, green chillies and curry leaves along with the addition of cooking it in coconut oil. The simple and yet delectable flavours make this Kadala Curry ...

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Bhindi Masala Recipe - Bhindi Tamatar Ki Sabzi

The Bhindi Masala Recipe is a simple and quick recipe that you can make in a jiffy for a weeknight dinner. All you need is Bhindi (Okra/lady's finger), tomatoes and onions and a few basic spices. The Bhindi is first cooked along with onions and the chopped tomatoes are added once the bhindi is three-fourth cooked. Full of flavour and taste, this Bhindi Masala can be made quickly to be packed into your office lunch boxes as well.  Bhindi has many health benefits and rich in folic acid and Vitamin ...

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Mangalore Cucumber Chana Dal Subzi Recipe

Mangalore Cucumber Chana Dal Sabzi Recipe is a nutritious recipe that combined the Bottle Gourd and lentils making it a perfect dish for a wholesome lunch or dinner. This curry is made with mangalore cucumber which is a widely used vegetable in many parts of Mangalore which is in south India. Pulses are an essential part of ingredient in most of the Indian meals. They are low glycemic index. That helps you to keep your sugar levels in control. Mangalore cucumber on the other hand is a good source ...

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Andhra Style Pachi Pulusu Recipe -Raw Tamarind Rasam

Andhra Style Pachi Pulusu Recipe (Raw Tamarind Rasam Recipe) is a different way of creating a rasam that has been followed by the people from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This rasam is not heated and rather prepared directly with squeezed tamarind water, sliced onions, roasted green chilli, fresh coriander leaves. The rasam is a specialty in those places and it is made very spicy, and thin. Sometimes when there is a huge production of raw mango during the summer, the tamarind pulp is replaced by ...

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Aar Macher Jhol Recipe - Bengali Style Fish In Tomato Gravy

Aar Macher Jhol Recipe is a Bengali Fish curry prepared with Aar/ Katla/ Rohu fish. Aar fish also known as the Giant River Catfish is a delicious fish that is commonly found in freshwater and brackish water. This sumptuous curry is relatively simple to prepare and uses the simplest of ingredients, most of which are usually available in your pantry. Serve piping hot Aar Macher Jhol – Fish In Spicy Tomato Gravy along with Steamed Rice and Begun Bhaja for a weekday lunch or dinner. Enjoy! If ...

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Mangalore Style Nurge Gashie Recipe-Spicy Drumstick Curry

Mangalore Nurge Gashie is a spicy drumstick curry which is filled with coastal flavours. In this recipe, drumstick is cooked in thick tamarind gravy that is flavoured with coconut and whole spices. The coconut-tamarind spice paste gives a creamy texture and tangy taste to this dish. Weekend lunch can be made more exciting with the Nurge Gashie when served with steaming hot rice, rotis or parathas. Did you know? Drumstick pods helps to build strong bones, it is very good for pregnant women also. ...

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Kodava Kummu Curry Recipe- Coorg Style Mushroom Curry

Kodava Kummu Curry Recipe- Spicy Mushroom Gravy is an authentic recipe that hails from kodava district which is a part of Coorg. Mushrooms are locally known as kummu in their local language. The curry is made with ground coconut, jeera seeds and garlic that is simmered with sautéed onions and tomatoes. Mushroom is a good source protein and it is filled with dietary fiber. It is also low in calories and will make an excellent diet for weight loss. Serve the Kodava Kummu Curry Recipe- Spicy Mushroom ...

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Matar Masala Tofu Recipe

This is a low-fat vegan recipe, extremely delicious to taste for those who have already introduced tofu in their daily diet. For others who already know the important nutritional values of tofu but still thinking how to introduce in the main course then this recipe will help them find a way to balance with native Indian taste. Here it is used as a substitute for paneer recipe. Tofu, a component in Asian cuisine has gained much popularity due to its high protein content that simply help ...

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Togari Bele Tovve Recipe - Toor Dal Rasam

Tovve is native to South India and it is called by different names according to the region and the people. While Tamilians call as Rasam, it is labelled as Tovve in Karnataka. Tovve is basically a mild lentil dish cooked with ghee in a tamarind based gravy without any exotic spices. It is also known as Kattu Saaru, where Kattu refers to dal in Kannada. Tovve is a versatile recipe and can be prepared with any kind of dals and vegetable. Togari Bele Tovve is prepared using red gram dal. This simple ...

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Quick & Spicy Mutton Curry Recipe

As a kid I always wondered how mom could cook so many dishes in a jiffy. In fact I've know her to cook single handedly, with a little prep help for over 20 people. I cannot multitask when it comes to cooking, for I may forget if all the ingredients have been added or not. But for mom it  was all super easy. Before I entered the world of kitchen, I always thought if it's tastier then its complicated to cook. Like this mutton semi gravy, which would be paired with some spicy rasam. One could ...

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Tofu Fried Rice Recipe

Tofu Fried Rice is a delicious Indo Chinese preparation of rice with vegetables and tofu. This one pot meal is easy to make and turns delicious. Tofu looks like paneer, but it is made from soya bean curd and is healthier than paneer. It is added to most of the Indo Chinese dishes. Did you know- Tofu is a good source of proteins and amino acids. It is rich in iron, calcium and vitamins. It is gluten free and low in calories too. Serve Tofu Fried Rice for a weekend dinner along with Indo Chinese ...

Goan Style Mushroom Shagoti Recipe

A medley of freshly roasted whole spices combined with coconut, this Mushroom Shagoti is an authentic Goan curry that is bursting with flavours. With a hint of sourness from the tamarind and richness from the poppy seeds and mushroom as a star ingredient, this Indian recipe is something different from the usual and worth a try.  Serve this Mushroom Shagoti Recipe with Goan Style Sana Recipe (Soft Steamed Rice Cakes) or Steamed Rice or pav for a weeknight dinner with ...

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Makhana Moongphali Ki Kadhi Recipe - Navratri Fasting/Vrat Recipe

Makhana Moongphali Ki Kadhi Recipe (Navratri Fasting/Vrat Recipe) is a thin yogurt based gravy dipped in with toasted lotus seed. The gravy tastes slightly sour because of the yogurt that has been incorporated into it. Kadhi is most popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat, it is a considered as light dish. Traditionally it is sweeter in taste because of the addition of jaggery or sugar but it cannot be made without sugar also. Serve your hot Makhana Moongphali Ki Kadhi with Sama Khichdi or Palak ...

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Mangalorean Manoli Curry Recipe - Indian Gherkins Curry

The Mangalorean Manoli Curry Recipe is a traditional curry from the Mangalorean Cusine in Karnataka. Manoli is a vegetable that belongs to the cucumber family, also popularly known as Indian Gherkins, Dondaikkai, Kovaikkai or even Ivy Gourd. This Manoli is cooked and simmered in a tangy and spicy coconut curry base, that brings out the best flavors of this dish.  Serve the Mangalorean Manoli Curry along with Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha and Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita for an everyday ...

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Mixed Sprouts In Chettinad Masala Recipe

Mixed Sprouts In Chettinad Masala Recipe is a delicious sprouts dish cooked in an aromatic chettinad masala. The chettinad masala is freshly roasted and prepared and has a strong flavour of pepper in it, making it spicy. It is simple yet delicious dish to cook within no time. Sprouts are healthy to include in our diets as they are the high source of proteins. They are either eaten raw in the form of salads or cooked into a curry, making it easy to digest. This Mixed Sprouts In Chettinad Masala ...

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नुव्वुला पचड़ी रेसिपी - Nuvvula Pachadi Recipe

नुव्वुला पचड़ी रेसिपी एक स्वादिष्ट चटनी है जिसमे सफ़ेद तिल का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इसे बनाने में बहुत कम समय लगता है और आप इसे अपने डोसा, इडली, वड़ा या उत्तपम के साथ परोस सकते है.  नुव्वुला पचड़ी रेसिपी को सुबह के नाश्ते के लिए घी रोस्ट डोसा या वड़ा के साथ परोसे।  अगर आपको यह डिश पसंद है तो आप दूसरी चटनी भी बना सकते है, शिमला मिर्च की चटनी रेसिपी  धनिया पुदीना चटनी रेसिपी  टमाटर लहसुन की चटनी रेसिपी 

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Chettinadu Style Potato Kaarakozhambu Recipe

Potato Kaarakozhambu has been a part of some of the best culinary memories of my childhood. Passed on by my grandmother, my mother has become a pro at mastering it. To me it is a vital part of my comfort food list. It is easy to make and is a great dish to make during weekend. Serve Chettinadu Style Potato Kaarakozhambu along with Steamed Rice, Beetroot Thoran and Elai Vadam for a weekday meal. If you like this recipe, you can also try other South Indian Potato recipes such as Chettinad Style ...

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Hyderabadi Khadi Masoor Ki Dal (Hyderabadi Style Lentil Curry)

Hyderabadi Khadi Masoor Ki Dal is yet another comforting dal variety in India's immense repertoire of lentil preparations. Dal, roti, chawal aur achar is my ultimate comfort food and I can survive on this menu for days. Khadi Masoor Ki Dal is one of my most favourite recipes because it is easy to make, yet has intense flavours and is delicious when served with a simple meal of Rice and Papad with Pickle. Have you also tried these other regional varieties of dal like Egg Masoor Dal, Maa Ki Dal, Varan ...

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Andhra Style Kandagadda Vepudu Recipe - Yam Stir Fry Recipe

Andhra Style Kandagadda Vepudu Recipe (Yam Stir Fry Recipe) is a typical Andhra style of cooking a dish. The word “Vepadu” literally translates to stir fry in Andhra. So therefore any ingredient that has been tossed and fried with Indian masala can be called as vepadu in Andhra cuisine. In this recipe we used Yam which is called in different names in Indian language such as, Kandagadda, Chenai Kezhangu, Suran etc. It is a root vegetable that has good for instant energy. Serve the Andhra Style ...

Lemon Rice Recipe - Elumichai Sadam/Chitranna

The Lemon Rice Recipe also known as Elumichai Sadam in Tamil or Chitranna in Karnataka is a rice that is packed with flavors from lemon, green chillies and curry leaves. Different flavored rice is a very popular way of reusing leftover rice from the previous day. Making use of leftover rice, makes it easy to pack your lunch box for work or school.  Serve the Lemon Rice (Elumichai Sadam/Chitranna) along with papad and tomato onion raita, or plain yogurt. If you like this recipe, try ...

Karnataka Style Harive Soppu Bendi Recipe (Amaranth Leaves Cooked in Coconut Broth)

Karnataka Style Harive Soppu Bendi Recipe is basically Amaranth Leaves Cooked in Coconut Broth. Bendi means broth in Kannada. Harive Soppu Bendi is a simple yet flavourful. The freshly prepared coconut paste is added to the cooked spinach and finished with a simple south indian tempering. It is easy to make and is a wonderful dish to include in summers, as it is mildly spiced and lighter on the tummy. Serve the Harive Soppu Bendi Recipe (Karnataka Style Amaranth Leaves Cooked in Coconut Broth) ...

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Beerakaya Tomato Koora Recipe (Andhra Style Ridge Gourd Curry)

Beerakaya Tomato Koora Recipe is a delectable Andhra style ridge gourd cooked in a tomato based gravy. It is spicy and colourful. Ridge gourd is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories that aids in weight loss. Ridge gourd juice is used to heal jaundice and to strengthen the immune system against any infection.  Serve the Beerakaya Tomato Koora Recipe along with Phulkas or Steamed Rice with Elai Vadam for a light weekday lunch. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Andhra ...

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