North Eastern Recipe Contest

Contest Closed
Contest Starts : 01 March 2017
Contest Ends : 25 March 2017

Here we are with a yet another interesting recipe contest! Remember the traditional foods that you’ve had from North Eastern Cuisine of India? Have you heard of a secret recipe of the authentic foods that originate from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim & Tripura from a friend or cooked from a book, magazine or newspaper? So this contest is about bringing out those recipes and sharing it with the world.

Dive into the North East Cuisine of India to pick and create recipes from the greenest parts of India.

Archana’s Kitchen invites home cooks and bloggers to enter their favourite North East Recipes to show their love towards the cuisine from where the showers pour the most! For example, in Nagaland alone, there are over 15 tribes that have distinct way of cooking. The cuisine uses less chillies since the locally available ones score highest among the hottest of all.

Combine veggies, meat, stir in the spiciest chillies, garlic, ginger, herbs and cook loveliest dishes from the North East Cuisine to ensure everyone tries out the lip-smacking and filling recipes from the rarely tapped cuisine. Go call that old friend of yours who knew the North East recipes very well and put in creativity to create recipes.

To Enter Our ‘North Eastern’ Contest

  1. Share your favourite north eastern recipe.
  2. It can be for any meal of the day - both veg and non veg are welcome.
  3. Try to give the recipes a healthy twist and make it wholesome and nutritious. Get creative with your recipes, but retain authenticity.
  4. Submit as many recipes you can, the more the merrier and better chances of winning.
  5. More points will be given to recipes, which have been made healthy from the original one. Either by using a healthier cooking technique or by using alternative healthy ingredients.

Rules For Recipe submission 

  1. A detailed description of the recipe (Introduction).  
  2. A complete list of ingredients used.
  3. A detailed well written method of cooking the recipe.
  4. Photograph of a well plated dish (bright showing the sharpness of the ingredients).
  5. Please do not copy paste recipes from the internet, your recipe will be eliminated from the contest.
  6. Rules for Photo Of the Dish- Clear High resolution image, with a good closeup of the dish Keep it simple, crisp and clear; taken in good light (image should be bright and not dull). No watermarks or text written on the image (your recipe will not be considered for the contest). Please do not take photos off the internet, your recipe will be eliminated from the contest.

Winning Recipes Will Get

1st Prize  - Wonderchef Italia Pizza Maker (Red)

2nd Prize - Prestige Dry Masala Grinder

 3rd Prize - Watt Drip Coffee Maker - 6 Cups

Note: Not all recipes will be published on the website, but all recipes submitted will be entered into the contest if the rules are followed.

Winners Are

1st Usashi Mandal- Misa Maas Kordoi Tenga Recipe

2nd Aarti Sharma - Assamese Bilahi Boror Tenga Recipe

3rd Sai priya - Mohura Pitha

Recipes from North Eastern Recipe Contest