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I am a teacher,lecturer in Information Technology/Computer Science for the past 10 years.I have authored 4 text books in Information Technology and is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.I am active in Google+ and is a moderator in one of the featured international foodies+ community in Google+.

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Meghalaya Style Do O Kalai Recipe - Chicken With Black Lentils

Monday, 27 March 2017 10:23

Do O Kalai Recipe is a simple yet delicious chicken curry from Garo and Khasi mountainous regions of Meghalaya. The cooking here is very healthy using minimal spices and oil. The chicken is usually cooked along with its skin to impart taste to the dish.  Do O Kalai is a lip smacking combination ...

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Assamese Narasingh Masor Jhol Recipe (Fish In Curry Leaves Gravy)

Monday, 27 March 2017 10:00

Assamese Narasingh Masor Jhol Recipe (Fish In Curry Leaves Gravy) is an authentic fish recipe from Assam in North East India. It consists of small whole river fishes or halved sardines or carps are cooked in a gravy made from curry leaves. Curry leaves is called as "Noro-singho" in Assamese. The fish ...

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Pui Shaager Chorchori Recipe - Mixed Vegetable Curry With Malabar Spinach

Saturday, 25 March 2017 00:00

Pui Shaager Chorchori Recipe is a traditional Bengali vegetable side dish that can be made for your everyday meals. In Bengali Chorchori means a combination of vegetables. Pui Shaager Chorchori is a Bengali combination of vegetables like Malabar Spinach, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Radish and Eggplant, ...

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