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Myself Uma Pandit from Kolkata . I am home maker , but passionate about different types of cuisine . I got many certificate , prizes and so many appreciation letter from cooking contest . Not only that my recipe comes in local Newspaper , Magazine and Television channels .........

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Ilish Macher Korma Recipe - Hilsa Fish Curry In Rich Gravy

Friday, 13 October 2017 09:12

Ilish Macher Korma Recipe is one of the authentic and traditional recipes of Bengal, especially during the days of Durga Puja. Bengalis have a culture of celebrating festivals intertwined with delicious food, like most part of India does. Delightful fish recipes are just a part of the menu. Here is a Ilish ...

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Bengali Aam Chingri Recipe - Prawn Mango Curry In Mustard Sauce

Saturday, 29 April 2017 19:01

Bengali Aam Chingri Recipe (Prawn Mango Curry Recipe) is a delicious and tangy side dish made with sauteed prawns and raw mango which are fleshed up in a creamy sauce made of mustard and coconut with spices.  The pungent aroma of the Mustard paste and the little sour taste of raw mangoes and beautifully ...

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Assamese Sesame Kaffir Lime Chicken Curry

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 00:07

Assamese Sesame Kaffir Lime Chicken Curry is a North Eastern way of cooking chicken in simple spices, with addition of sesame seeds. The addition of Kaffir lime leaves gives it a wonderful fragrance. Kaffir lime leaves are highly aromatic and are a great addition to spicy soups and curries. Serve Assamese ...

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Mocha Chingri Manohara Recipe (Shrimps Stuffed Banana Flower Kofta Curry)

Thursday, 19 January 2017 00:08

Mocha Chingri Manohara Recipe is Bengali style Shrimps Stuffed Banana Flower Kofta Curry. Banana flower is one of the natural sources of high iron. Originated in rural Bengal, this heirloom recipe is an exceptional side dish. This kofta recipe is traditionally deep fried. Here I have used the non-fried ...

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Nolen Chawal Bhog Recipe (Rice Pudding With Nolen Jaggery)

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 00:12

Nolen Chawal Bhog Recipe is a Rice Pudding With Nolen Jaggery. This is a signature dish of Makar Sankranti festival (South India) / Poush Parbon (West Bengal). During this period, nolen gur or date palm jaggery is a seasonal ingredient which is freshly available in winters. With just 3 ingredients, Nolen ...

Cheesy Chinese Banana Toffee Fritters Recipe

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 13:48

Cheesy Chinese Banana Toffee Fritters Recipe this is a twist to classic banana toffee recipe popular in Chinese cuisine. This Banana toffee fritter recipe is made of slices of banana which are battered and deep fried, and then coated with the premade cheesy caramel toffee and roasted sesame seeds ...

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Chicken And Shrimp Bánh Xèo Recipe -Vietnamese Stuffed Crepe

Monday, 24 October 2016 13:30

Chicken And Shrimp Bánh Xèo Recipe is a variation of the Vietnamese Stuffed Crepe which is a Southern Vietnamese street food. I have prepared this as an Indo-Vietnamese fusion recipe which includes sautéed lime marinated sautéed shrimp and Indian style dry roasted spicy chicken with veggies in the ...

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Bengali Chirer Payesh / Poha Pudding Recipe With Nolen Gur

Thursday, 08 September 2016 00:39

Bengali Chirer Payesh is the Flattened Rice (poha) Pudding Recipe made With Nolen Gur. This traditional recipe is made during festive times in Bengal. Nolen gur or jaggery from dates adds a special sweet taste to the pudding/payasam recipe. Closest replacement for Nolen Gur is brown sugar, if nolen gur ...

Kakrar Jhal (Bengali Crab Korma Recipe)

Friday, 19 August 2016 00:52

Kakrar jhal, the Bengali crab Korma is one of my favorite seafood and I like to make various variations on it. Karkar Jhal is a coastal recipe. Crab dishes are popular around Coastal areas. Serve this spicy dish along with steamed rice for a meal. Explore more of the seafood recipes here Spicy Crab ...

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Anar Pabda Recipe - Bengali Fish Curry In Pomegranate Juice & Coconut Milk

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 00:19

Anar Pabda is a Bengali-Coastal recipe which is made with Pabda fish. Pabda fish is marinated in mixture of anar (pomegranate) juice, later spiced with mustard paste and boiled in coconut milk to make the Anar Pabda recipe. Marinating in pomegranate juice, turmeric powder and salt gives a unique flavor ...

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Cheesy Vegetarian Pizza Muffins Recipe

Saturday, 11 June 2016 00:24

Cheesy Vegetarian Pizza Muffin is a simple pizza dish that can be prepared in the microwave by using muffin moulds. They look very interesting and simple with all the essentials it can be prepared in minimum time. It might look like a muffin from the outside but the party begins in your mouth once ...

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