Delicious Parathas That You Can Make For Your Breakfast And Meals

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PARATHA, an Indian bread that is made in almost every household all over India. There are many types of Parathas, but mainly they are categorized into two, one is Basic Parathas and the another one, Stuffed Parathas. While the basic Parathas can be served with Dals, Gravies etc, Stuffed Parathas can be had on its own along with Pickle, Curd, Raita or Chutneys. You can have them for any meal of the day, whether it is Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. 

Parathas are very popular in North India, especially Punjab. Stuffed Parathas such as Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Mooli Paratha and Paneer Paratha are the Parathas that is made for everyday breakfast in Punjabi households and is served along with Pickle and Curd.

If you are looking for a Breakfast, that is filling and delicious, then you can try these Parathas for your weekday or weekend Breakfast. They are apt Breakfast, when you have a long day ahead and have no time to eat as these Parathas will keep you fill for a long time. In North India, you will also find many road side Dhabas that sells these lip smacking thick stuffed Parathas topped with a dollop of Desi Ghee or Butter/ Makkhan. So next time you are on a road trip across North India, don't give these Parathas a miss. 

Other than Stuffed Parathas, there are basic Plain Parathas, Flavoured Parathas and Theplas. Basic Plain Parathas include Tawa Paratha, Lachha Paratha, Kerala Parota etc which uses only Flour, Water and Salt. Flavoured Parathas will include Parathas that is flavoured with some spices and purees such as Pudina Tawa Paratha, Masala Lachha Paratha etc. Theplas, these are Gujarati Parathas where the flour is kneaded along with grated and chopped vegetables and masalas and then cooked on tawa on high heat. These are very thin Paraths which can be served along with Gravies, Curd, Raita or Pickles.

1. Plain And Flavoured Parathas & Theplas:

2. Stuffed Parathas:


Malvika Hada

Malvika Hada

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