19 Types of Indian Dals You Must Have In Your Pantry - Lentils & Legumes

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Dals are an integral part of the Indian diet. A major source of protein, that the vegetarians use in their everyday meals. The variety of dals are endless. From moong dal to toor dal and chana to rajma, the list is endless. 

Dals are used not just in Indian cuisine but other cuisines as well. In Indian cuisine dals are used to make the dal dish, khichdis, pakoras, dosas, cheelas, sweets like halwas and ladoos, chutneys, chutney podis, parathas, kebabs, soups, cooked along with meats like chicken and mutton, salads. 

Some whole dals, are soaked and sprouted to make salads, like that of green moong sprouts, moth sprouts, horse gram sprouts, chana and kala chana sprouts. 

A serving of dal along with the meal is always a must in most Indian households. A popular meal of dal, sabzi aur roti.

Each region in the country has their own unique way of making their dal. While in South India, dal is used to make sambar, up north a different variety of dal is sued to make the famous dal makhani. 

1. Split Yellow Moong Dal

  1. Split Yellow Moong Dal 1

    One of the most commonly used dal in Indian households is this yellow moong dal. Dehusked, with it's skin taken off, this yellow moong dal gets cooked very easily and does not require soaking for a long duration. It is used in both sweet and savoury cooking.  From making a classic dal to halwa, stuffing in parathas and used to make salads and even khichdi, this versatile dal is used across the country and is packed with nutrients. 

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2. Whole Masoor Dal

3. Split Orange Masoor Dal 

4. Whole Green Moong Dal

5. Split Green Moong Dal

6. Whole Black Urad Dal 

  1. Whole Black Urad Dal 1

    Black skinned urad dal with a white interior, this black dal is packed with nutrients and super high in fiber. Cooks best when soaked overnight. This black dal is used to make dals, and even mithais. The classic Dal makhani and dal bukhara is made using this whole black urad dal. 

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7. Split Black Urad Dal 

8. Split Chana Dal/ Bengal Gram Dal

9. Red Kidney Beans/Rajma 

10. Black Eyed Peas/ Lobia 

11. Moth Beans/ Matki

12. Whole White Urad Dal

13. Split White Urad Dal, 

14. Black Chickpeas/ Kala Chana 

15. White Chickpeas/Kabuli Chana 

17. Soy Beans 

18. Horsegram

19. Pigeon Peas/ Toor Dal