Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and culture, the cuisines across regions vary significantly from each other. Every cuisine and almost every region, uses its own available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices, traditions and festivals that are passed on from generations.

A traditional Indian diet in India typically consists of dals, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and more. In this section you will find more than 1000+ main course recipes spread over North Indian Vegetarian Recipes, South Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Rice Recipes, Non Veg Recipes and much more. Below are some of the collections.

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Gawar Phali Masala Sabzi Recipe - Cluster Beans Gravy Sabzi

The  Gawar Phali Masala Sabzi is a simple gravy sabzi that is cooked in a light tomato onion gravy along with peanuts. The addition of ginger, garlic and the peanuts makes this simple gawar phali vegetable stand out in taste and flavors. Addition of ajwain also adds to the taste of the gawar phali Sabzi.  Since cluster beans take time to cook it is best to make the recipe in a pressure cooker to save time but you can make it in a wok or a kadai as well if you like.  Gawar Phali Masala ...

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Aloo Bhindi Masala Gravy Recipe

Aloo Bhindi Masala Gravy Recipe is an everyday gravy sabzi that is cooked along with spices in a tomato and onion gravy. It is simple to make and uses everyday masalas to make the gravy flavourful. It makes a delicious side dish to be served along with phulkas and a dal tadka for lunch or dinner. To make the Aloo Bhindi masala the bhindis and the potatoes are sauteed separately and then combined in an onion tomato gravy to make a delicious dish. Did you know: Okra is a low-calorie vegetable ...

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Bharwa Parwal Sabzi Recipe -Stuffed Pointed Gourd Dry Vegetable

Parwal also known as potol, parbal, parval or pointed gourd .Bharwa Parwal Sabzi Recipe -Stuffed Pointed Gourd Dry Vegetable is a dry vegetable prepared by stuffing parwal with a dry masala that mainly consists of besan and crushed peanuts and  basic spices. The flavours of this stuffed parwal sabzi is amazing and it makes a tasty side dish with any meal.  Did You know: Parwal/ Pointed Gourd is a blood purifier and it helps boosts your immunity according to Ayurveda. It is also loaded ...

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Senai Kizhangu Poriyal Recipe-Yam Poriyal Recipe

Senai Kizhangu Poriyal Recipe is a simple stir fry made South Indian style. A homemade curry powder made up of chana dal, split urad dal, coriander seeds, dry red chillies and tamarind is added to give this Yam Poriyal a delicious taste.  Did You know: Elephant-foot yam are prescribed as medicine in Ayurveda to treat piles, dysentery, asthma, swelling of lungs, vomiting and abdominal pain. It is used as a blood purifier. It is recommended for diabetic patients for its blood sugar ...

Sukhi Urad Dal Sabzi Recipe

Sukhi Urad Dal Sabzi Recipe is a North Indian Style lentil dish made with split white urad dal. Sukhi in Hindi means 'dry' as this lentil dish is served dry. The soaked Split urad dal is steamed in the pressure cooker to retain its texture.  The steamed dal is sauteed along with cumin seeds, asafoetida, onion, green chili, and ginger to make a mouthwatering side dish which goes amazing with phulka or roti.  Urad dal is protein rich and if you are looking for a protein-friendly diet, ...

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मटर पुलाव रेसिपी - Peas Pulao Recipe

मटर पुलाव रेसिपी एक स्वादिष्ट चावल की रेसिपी है जिसमे चावल को मटर और खड़े मसाले के साथ पकाया जाता है. इसमें खड़े मसाले में तेज पत्ता, जीरा, इलाइची, लॉन्ग, स्टार अनीस का प्रयोग किया जाता है. आप इसे किसी भी दाल या करी के साथ परोस सकते है.  मटर पुलाव रेसिपी को पनीर बटर मसाला, दाल मखनी और फुल्का के साथ अपने सप्ताह अंत के खाने के लिए परोसे.  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है,  फुलकारी पुलाव रेसिपी पालक पुलाव रेसिपी पुदीना पुलाव रेसिपी   

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कढ़ाई छोले रेसिपी - Kadai Chole Recipe

कढ़ाई छोले एक स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी है जिसमे छोले या काबुली चना को उबाल कर प्याज, शिमला मिर्च और रोज के मसालो के साथ पकाया जाता है.आप इसे अपने या अपने बच्चो के लंच बॉक्स में भी पैक कर सकते है. यह एक सरल रेसिपी है, इसलिए आपके रोज के खाने के लिए पर्याप्त है.  कढ़ाई छोले को तवा पराठा और बूंदी रायता के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे.  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है,  छोले शिमलामिर्च मसाला रेसिपी रावल पिंडी स्टाइल छोले रेसिपी सूखे छोले रेसिपी   

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Maharashtrian Kulith Shengole Recipe - Spicy Horse Gram Flour Dumplings

Kulith Shengole is a rustic Maharashtrian dish made using Horse gram flour. The recipe is simple and easy to make. Use freshly milled horse gram flour for best results. You could also make this for lunch when you have unexpected guests at home if you have horse gram flour handy, since the recipe gets done under 15 minutes. Serve Kulith Shengole on its own topped with a dollop of homemade ghee for a scrumptious light meal. You can also serve this proteinaceous Shengole with Roti, Bhakri, or Hot Steamed ...

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Sprouted Moong Dal Recipe - Spicy Sprouted Lentil Curry

Sprouted moong (Green gram) dal is a popular, healthy and spicy lentil curry made across India in different ways depending on the region. It is made using spicy masala and is perfect for your week day lunch. Did you know: Green Moong or Whole Moong Dal is packed with protein and low in carbohydrates and is one of the best vegetarian superfoods out there. It has a low glycemic index and is high in dietary fibre making it a perfect lentil for diabetics as it releases ...

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Chenai Kizhangu Masiyal-South Indian Style Yam Masiyal

Chenai Kizhangu Masiyal is a yam dish, where it is pressure cooked and mashed and made into a masiyal along with peanuts. Hing, mustard seeds, simple spices and curry leaves add great flavour and depth to this dish. This starchy yet fibrous vegetable when flavoured with such earthy simple spices, tastes absolutely delicious.  Yam can be stored for many days without refrigeration and it is a very healthy vegetable. It is a rich source of minerals like potassium, magnesium, selenium, ...

मटर की तेहरी रेसिपी - Matar Ki Tehri Recipe

मटर की तेहरी रेसिपी एक पारम्परिक रेसिपी है जिसे उत्तर प्रदेश के घरो में बनाया जाता है. इस डिश को बनाने के लिए चावल को खड़े मसाले और हरे मटर के साथ पकाया जाता है. तेहरी पुलाव से थोड़ी अलग होती है. तेहरी ...

Mushroom Methi Brown Rice Recipe

This is the first time I am using brown rice in my recipe. The texture of brown rice is amazing. Once cooked it didn’t resemble rice at all, it looks more like moong. Brown rice is not a boon for just for diabetic people, but for all rice eaters. Rich in fibre, this amazing rice makes a superfood if you can toss in some nutritious vegetables and greens. That is exactly what I did with brown rice. I made it for my kids lunch box, tossed in some button mushrooms and fresh fenugreek leaves. Serve ...

Jeera Rice Recipe - Cumin And Ghee Flavored Rice

The Jeera Rice (Pulao) Recipe is simple rice recipe that you can make in less than 20 minutes. The fresh roasted cumin along with ghee when combined with steamed rice, brings out a fantastic nutty flavor that goes well with a variety of Dals & Kadhi's to make a great weeknight dinner. Jeera rice is a popular dish in North India and you will find it on most restaurant menus. This flavourful rice goes well with rajma and chole as well. Jeera rice can also be packed into your office or kids ...

Dal Fry Recipe

Dal Fry is a delicious and lip smacking bowl of health that is a daily dish in most of the Indian homes. This dal fry recipe is made of chana dal or split bengal grams and is usually thicker than the daily dal. The tempering or tadka takes it to another level altogether. You can use other dals like tur dal or masoor dal as well if you like.  You can also make this simple yet delicious dal for house parties or everyday meals or pack it into your office lunch boxes.  Serve Dal Fry with Steamed ...

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Aloo Gajar Matar Sabzi Recipe

Aloo Gajar Matar Sabzi Recipe is an one pot delight that can be made or your everyday meals. This quick recipe is made in a pressure cooker. It is ideal to make for weeknight dinner and can be packed into yours and yours kids lunch boxes. The base of the Curry is made from tomato puree that is spiced up with everyday Indian Spices. Adding different vegetables into the curry is a very good option as it will help in providing good amount of nutrients into your everyday diet. Carrots are rich in Vitamin ...

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Whole Masala Gobhi Recipe - Spiced Whole Roasted Cauliflower Masala

Whole Masala Gobi Recipe or Whole Roasted Cauliflower is a sure shot way to impress your dinner guests. Intensely flavourful, and healthy too, this cauliflower dish is a wonderful way to present this humble vegetable. Combined with a burst of spices, onions and potatoes, the Whole Masala Gobi makes for a fantastic dinner option. Masala Gobi is a baked dish and makes a great centerpiece at any party. Cauliflower is low in calories and full of vitamins too. Serve Whole Masala Gobi Recipe along ...

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पापड़ एर डालना रेसिपी - Bengali Papad Curry Recipe

पापड़ एर डालना रेसिपी, एक स्वादिष्ट बंगाली रेसिपी है जिसे हर बंगाली घर में रोज के खाने के लिए बनाया जाता है. इसे ज़्यदातर दुर्गा पूजा के समय बनाया जाता है. यह बहुत ही सरल रेसिपी है जो बहुत कम समय में ...

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Vatanyacha Phadna Recipe - Sugar Snap Peas Stir Fry

The Vatanyacha Phadna Recipe is a simple stir fry of the Sugar Snap Peas. Spring brings fresh sugar snap peas into the season and Vatanyacha Phadna is a simple and delicate dish that makes the most of these jade beauties. Black pepper adds a punch to this recipe,  while the caramelised pods sprinkled with grated coconut yield a sweeter taste. You can also make the dish from petit pois or any other variety of tender, sweet peas. Serve Vatanyacha Phadna with Khandeshi Dal and Phulkas ...

Kuruku Kaalan Recipe - Raw Bananas in Coconut Curry

Kuruku Kaalan Recipe is a delicious dish made from ripe bananas and cooked in a yogurt and coconut curry. It is a delectable traditional dish in Kerala cuisine, that is eaten almost every other day and is also a part of the famous Onam sadya.  Did You Know: Bananas are good for the heart, digestive system and vision. They are packed with potassium, a mineral electrolyte that keeps electricity flowing throughout your body, which is required to keep your heart beating. Bananas' high potassium ...

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Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu

The Kerala Bhindi Curry also known as the Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu is a tangy and spicy curry made from okras also known as lady's fingers. The curry is cooked in a tamarind and tomato curry base and flavored with baby onions, fenugreek seeds, coriander powder and curry leaves.  Serve the Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu  along with steamed rice for a delicious Sunday lunch meal.  If you are looking for more Tamil Nadu Recipe here are some: Capsicum Usili Recipe (Tamil Nadu Style ...

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Bengali Style Pomfret Shorshe Recipe - Pomfret In Mustard Gravy

Pomfret Shorshe (Pomfret in mustard gravy) is an authentic Bengali recipe which is made with pomfret fish. This is one of easiest recipe with minimal ingredients. Mustard sauce gravy can be used to cook other fishes like hilsa, rohu, catla, catfish and various other river fishes. The usage of mustard oil and mustard paste is what makes Pomfret Shorshe heavenly when had with hot white rice. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Bengali recipes such as Bengali Bhog Khichuri Dal Chingri Bengali ...

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Andhra Style Chama Dumpa Pulusu Recipe - Arbi With Sesame Tamarind Sauce Recipe

Andhra Style Chama Dumpa Pulusu Recipe (Arbi With Sesame Tamarind Sauce Recipe) is a traditional dish that we have inherited from our ancestors, made using boiled arbi that is simmered in sesame tamarind sauce. It is a perfect to make during weekdays lunch or dinner. Serve the Andhra Style Chama Dumpa Pulusu Recipe (Arbi With Sesame Tamarind Sauce Recipe)  along with Phulkas and Kachumber Salad for a weekday lunch or dinner. If you like this recipe, you can also try other vegetable recipes ...

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Kobbari Charu Recipe - Coconut Milk & Dal Sambar Recipe

Kobbari chaaru is an authentic sambar/rasam that is made in Telangana region using coconut milk and roasted chana dal. This Coconut Milk & Dal Sambar is silky smooth in texture with subtle sweetness of coconut milk and mildly spicy with ground green chillies, overall making this a perfect lunch combo with hot steamed rice and fryum (Akki Peni sandige) or just with Phulka Recipe (Roti/Chapati) - Puffed Indian Bread.  Did you know: Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, ...

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