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Holi is almost here and don't know what to make during this Holi - don't fret, we at Archana's Kitchen have the best collection of Holi Recipes. One of the most popular snacks prepared during Holi is the Gujiya. Gujiyas are known by various names in different parts of India - Ghughra in Gujarat, Karanji in Maharashtra, Karchikai in Tamil Nadu, Karjikai or Kadubu in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh, Purukiya in Bihar and Nevri in Goa. 

Keeping with Holi traditions this year, we urge you all to prepare these delicious tea time or evening snacks and serve along with other Holi Sweets and Holi drinks such as Malpua, Kulfis, Thandais, Kachoris, Samosas, Dahi Vadas and many more. If you are looking for a entire menu of what to make during holi, please read this article where we've put together of a Holi lunch menu - Make These 21 Traditional & Fun Recipes For Your Holi Party OR Plan a Festive Holi Party with Fun Food & Drinks

So coming back to our favourite snack of the Holi season - Gujiya, here's what the dish is. A sweet or savoury pastry/ dough crust rolled out into small puri like shape and filled with either a sweet filling like coconut or a savoury filling like moong dal, folder in half to create a crescent shape, sealed and deep fried in oil or ghee. Sweet Gujiyas/ Karanjis are more often than not, dipped in sugar syrup after the frying process to give it a rich and dense texture to it; finally garnished with nuts, raisins or dried rose petals. Typically Gujiyas are Karanjis are pretty much the same expect for the filling inside it - Sweet Gujiyas have khoya and dried fruits stuffing while Sweet Karanjis have coconut, poppy seeds and sesame seeds stuffing. 

Tips to remember when making Gujiyas this Holi or Diwali

  1. Use hot ghee to prepare the Gujiya dough. The final product of the dough should be firm and smooth, not like roti dough which is soft. 
  2. Always rest the dough before rolling out the Gujiyas
  3. If you are using whole wheat flour for making the Gujiya dough, you will need a little more water than when you are using all purpose flour (maida).
  4. Make sure to not add too much stuffing into the Gujiyas as they might break into the oil when frying. 
  5. Always place your frying pan on medium heat when frying the Gujiyas and do not crowd too many Gujiyas in one batch of frying. 

So go ahead and make you favourite Gujiyas from the list of Sweet and Savoury Gujiyas. Do let us know how you liked them.

Sweet Gujiyas

The traditional Sweet Gujiyas are usually stuffed with either dry fruits or mawa/khoya, deep fried and then dipped in sugar syrup so that the sweet texture remains in the Gujiyas that can be stored up to a week. 


Savoury Gujiyas

Traditional savoury gujiyas are stuffed with either moong dal or matar/peas but people are also experimenting with ingredients such as cheese, spinach or jalapenos to give it that zing in every bite.