Dum Pukht Gosht Recipe - Slow Cooked Mutton Curry

Dum Pukht is a slow cooking technique where food is cooked in a sealed vessel. Dum means "to breathe" and Pukht means "to cook". Lucknowi Nawabs used this technique of cooking and the Lucknowi dum cooked recipes like their biryani is quite popular.  Dum Pukht Gosht is a mouthwatering mutton recipe where marinated mutton is cooked slowly in a sealed vessel. Different spices like black cardamom, green cardamom, pepper, cloves etc add a burst of flavour to the tender, falling of the bone mutton.  Patience ...

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Broccoli Malai Kofta Recipe

The Broccoli Malai Kofta Recipe, is a wholesome and nutritious way to combine the broccoli and paneer into a Kofta. The Broccoli Malai Kofta is made pan frying the pakoras by using the Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan Method. You can alternatively use the oven to make the kofta's and it will turn out just as good. These Koftas are also made without the use of onion and garlic, making them sattvik. Serve the Broccoli Malai Kofta with a soft Phulka's and a Paneer Pulav for a ...

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Chicken Galouti Kebab Recipe

Chicken Galouti Kebab Recipe is a traditional recipe from the Lucknowi/Awadhi Cuisine. It is a popular street food in Lucknow and North India. 'Galouti' literally means soft, melt in the mouth.  A simple yet delicious kebab where the meat is usually tenderized and mixed along with spices, shaped into a kebab and shallow fried.  Flavours of saffron strands, Rose water, Mughlai meetha attar, Kabab chini powder and Cardamom powder makes these Chicken Galouti Kebabs stand out in taste.  Raw ...

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धुगारे बैंगन रेसिपी - Dhungare Baingan Recipe

धुगारे बैंगन रेसिपी में बैंगन को पकाने के लिए कोयले का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इसे बनाने के लिए कोयले पर घी डालकर कढ़ाई को ढक दिया जाता है जिससे सब्ज़ी में तंदूर का फ्लेवर आता है. इस सब्ज़ी को बनाने के लिए ...

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Nawabi Tawa Paratha Recipe

Ulta Tawa Paratha is quite famous in the streets of Lucknow. A dish made during the days of the Nawabs and served with kebabs and sheeks. Since olden days you find inverted dome shaped griddles all over Lucknow which are used to make different kinds of breads like rumali roti and ulta tawa ka paratha.  We have used a normal roti pan to make these melt in  your mouth, soft, Nawabi Tawa Parathas. Flavoured with saffron, rose water and khewra, these parathas are easy to make and makes a great ...

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Dhungare Baingan Recipe

Dhungare means smoking food using coal. This techniques add a unique smoked tandoori flavour to the dish. Ghee is dropped on hot coal to release smoke from the coal. In Dhungare Baingan Recipe first the brinjal is roasted on the gas and then mashed mixed with fresh curd, onions, chillies, roasted cumin powder, chilli powder and garam masala. Then the dish is smoked using the dhungar technique. Dhungare Baingan can be served as a raita with any meal or even served as a dip to your chips ...

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Moong Matar Kebab Recipe - Green Lentil And Peas Kebab

Green Lentil and Peas Kebabs are a perfect replacement for all the kebab lovers this winter. You may enjoy them as a starter, a tea time snack or even send them in tiffin for your kids. They are nutritious but I also agree that as it is deep fried it somewhere restricts the weight watchers. Well in that case, you can simply shape them as a disk and shallow fry in a non stick tawa and make patties or make round balls and fry them in appe pan or air fry them for more better results. Serve Moong Matar ...

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ब्रोकली मलाई कोफ्ता रेसिपी - Broccoli Malai Kofta Recipe

ब्रोकली मलाई कोफ्ता रेसिपी एक पोषण से भरपूर ग्रेवी रेसिपी है जिसमे कोफ्ते को बनाने के लिए पनीर और ब्रोकली का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इसमें कोफ्ता बनाने के लिए पनियारम पैन का प्रयोग किया गया है क्यूंकि ...

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पेशावरी छोले रेसिपी - Peshawari Chole (Recipe In Hindi)

पेशावरी छोले पंजाब से एक बहुत ही स्वादिष्ठ रेसिपी है जिसमे छोले को तीखी ग्रेवी में पकाया जाता है. आप इस सब्ज़ी को अपने रोज के खाने के लिए या पनि घर की पार्टीज के लिए बना सकते है.  पेशावरी छोले को नान और बूंदी रायते के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद आई हो तो, आप यह भी बना सकते है भरवा करेला मसाला  कढ़ाई टोफू  मटर मशरुम 

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Peshawari Chole Recipe

Peshawari Chole is just one of the many delicious dishes from the Punjab, and as the name suggests, has a hint of Peshawari style of cooking. Spicy and flavorsome, this dish requires some prior planning as the chickpeas need to be soaked in water for at least 6 hours. Serve the Peshawari Chole along with hot Bhatura or Naan, it makes an ideal Sunday lunch for the whole family. You can also top Samosa or Aloo Tikkis with the tasty Peshawari Chole and relish it as a tea time snack.  If you like ...

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Gular Ki Sabzi Recipe/ Shallow Fried Cluster Fig

Gular Ki Sabzi Recipe/ Shallow Fried Cluster Fig is made from wild figs. Wild figs grow on the branch of the fig tree in clusters and hence bear their name. These figs are available and popular in Lucknow and Kanpur region. This Gular Ki Sabzi Recipe/ Shallow Fried Cluster Fig is served usually as a snack at tea time. Or it can also be served as a dish with steamed rice and Awadhi Moong Dal Ki Goli, or with phulkas. If you like this recipe, Here are a few more stir fries that you can also try Gorikayi ...

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Gola Kebab (Indian Style Meat Balls) Recipe

Gola Kebab is made from mutton (lamb meat) that can be relished as a side dish with a vegetarian meal. This recipe is so versatile that it fits best in the category of finger food (starters) to be served in a party. Gola Kebabs or mutton meat balls are so easy to make that it hardly takes 30 minutes to serve it. As the meat balls are pan roasted with minimum oil, they don't climb the calorie meter too. Don't worry about the left overs they can be packed as a roll in paratha for lunch box. Serve ...

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Jimikand ke Kebab Recipe (Yam Kebabs)

The Jimikand ke Kebab Recipe are a wholesome recipe of the kebabs that is packed with flavor and texture. Jimikand is a root vegetable, also known as the Indian Yam or Suran. The yam has delicious nutty taste, and when combined with chaat masala and spices, brings out a burst of flavors. You can serve the Jimikand Ke Kebas along with Green Chutney as a appetizer for your parties. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Appetiser recipes such as Bhaji Miligai And Baby Potato ...

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