10 Delicious Kofta Recipes That Will Steal The Show At Your Dining Table

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Koftas are an absolute favourite In India! Koftas stuffed with different veg and non veg fillings, dipped in rich creamy gravies are perfect for special occasions or festivals. These kofta can be filled with variety of stuffings paired with different types of spices. Not only this with the scrumptious kofta, you can also experiment with different types of gravies as the base. Well, while Veg koftas are delicious, Non veg koftas are surely a treat for all the non vegetarians.

Whether its a house party, a festival or any other special occasion, A kofta dish always steals the show at the dining table. “Melt in the mouth koftas along with the silky spicy gravy”, this small sentence only makes us crave for this lip smacking dish. Serve it with a simple side dish, rice or any bread of your choice and you are good to go. Well, we suggest you to serve it with some Garlic Naan and Jeera Rice and impress your guests with your delicious Kofta recipe.

When it comes to the health department, you can always make your kofta in paniyaram pan or shallow fry it rather than deep frying it. So that you can always cherish on your favourite Kofta dishes.

Koftas are our favourite too! Therefore, we have lined up some mouth watering and flavourful kofta recipe which you can easily make in your kitchen using the day to day ingredients.

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