10 Essential Kitchen Tools To Ease Your Cooking

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Well equipped kitchen eases cooking considerably by cutting on the time required to be prepped up with ingredients. Easier and smoother preparation of all individual components required to cook recipes make preparing food even more enjoyable. Many culinary recipes require an appealing presentation be it even cutting of veggies, or an art of subtle decorating while presenting the dish. Be it a simple tossing of vegetables into a quick salad, or a tad complicated festival delicacy, some help in preparation of ingredients would be seen as welcoming. The kitchen gadgets and tools help with precisely that.

There are an array of essential kitchen tools that are to be kept handy for smoother functioning of the powerhouse of the family- Kitchen. Count on these tools to help you achieve your efficiency maxima, by easing on the preparation time. You can concentrate on quality and variety instead of worrying about the time it takes otherwise to prepare the ingredients conventionally.

1. Kitchen Scale


Measuring the ingredients become very crucial in recipes that are baked, since the texture solely depends on the quantity of ingredients that are being used. Hence, a kitchen scale is handy especially when you are into serious baking, and your everyday cooking too.

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2. Measuring cups

measuring cup

Online recipes or many recipes in the cook-books have ingredients measured in teaspoons or tablespoons or similar. Having measuring cups and spoons in the kitchen to guide the exact expected amount of ingredients to be added into a recipe makes it a lot easier to just follow the recipe and get accountable food ready as per instructions.

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3. Coconut Scraper


Many recipes that are cooked in coconut gravy or be garnished with scraped coconut can always be easy with a coconut scraper. Make chutneys easily without food processor with a scraper that won't let itself slip. This kitchen aid will be wanted by you anytime you think of recipes containing coconut.

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4. Potato Finger Chipser


Recipes like french fries and oven baked healthy french fries need a nice and clean cut of veggies. With a Finger chipser, you can achieve those perfect veggie fingers which can be evenly cooked instead of cutting them manually.

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5. Mandolin

Mandolin Slicer Archanas Kitchen

Do all types of shedding and slicing through a mandolin slicer. With a little experience beforehand, you can actually chip the greens for salad or cut thick slices of vegetables which you can later chop as per need. It can do vegetable chips in no time.

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6. Knife Set

knife set

Vegetables and fruits require preparation by removing their tips or stalks. If you are alone for a meal, a majority find it easier to cut fewer vegetables with knives. At the same time, one needs an appropriate knife to cut particular vegetables and fruits. Having them all in a set makes it easier to get the greens ready for cooking.

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7. Kitchen Utilities Set

kitchen utility
Pakkad/ikkala/tongs, lemon strainer, a masher and a whisk can come to your rescue in any of the regular kitchen tasks like. While the tongs can be used to pick a hot utensil or bake light Phulkas on the stove, masher can be of use when you need to mash any boiled veggies.

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8. Dough Maker

Atta maker is helpful in the preparation of dough, especially when you are working to make Indian breads like rotis, pooris or phulka in the kitchen. Life will be lot easier if you can make the dough by just putting atta/flour and water into this kitchen equipment and roll its handle than getting the hands totally messy to do the same job.

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9. Greens Mincer


There are daily recipes that need either garnish or inclusion of minced herbs. This tool makes the task a puff and you won't even need a pair of 5-6 blade kitchen scissors for chopping smaller herbs.

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10. Mini Foamer/Frother


Create rich foamy milk in few seconds with a frother or foamer. You can make lassi, chaas or salad dressing also with a handy frother, either operated by battery or electricity.

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