10 Mixture Recipes Perfect For An Evening Snack With Chai - Chivda Recipes | Chevdo Recipe

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By far the most popular snack across the country, that is widely eaten in all regions of India is this humble Mixture. Literally a mixture of various crispy crunchy ingredients seasoned with salt and some simple spices, mixed together and served as a snack.Mixtures are usually made by deep frying each of the elements and mixed together and seasoned with salt and spice powders.

Although traditionally they are deep fried, these mixtures can also be baked to make it healthier, using less oil. 

Popularly known as mixture or chivda, it is also known as Kerala mixture, Madras Mixture, Bombay mix, Gujarati mix, Punjabi mix. 

Traditionally mixtures are made using, Poha-Aval, Khara Boondi, Cornflakes, Sev, Sorghum, oats, potato straws, banana straws besides there is no specific combination, it can be customised to your taste and preference. 

Down south, Mixtures are flavoured with peanuts and curry leaves, whereas up north it uses dry spice powders and lots of dry fruits.

There are umpteen versions of making mixture, varying from region to region with different combination of ingredients. Mostly made during the festive season and during special occasions, there doesn't really have to be a reason to make it and serve it as an evening snack with your tea. So wait no more, and dive right into these delicious mouth watering Mixture Recipes.