10 Snacks To Pack For A Picnic Or A Road Trip

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 All of us need a break from our hectic routines. Be it from work or just from our mundane everyday cyclic tasks. Often to break monotony, short weekend getaways, or a day's trip in and around the city, or just a simple picnic to a nearby spot is a good idea.  As the family together decides the venue, their mode of transport, another important part is the edible knick knacks that we carry to be part of our relaxing outing. 

Here are a few simple recipes of snacks and simple finger food you can pack for your next outing.

Be it kids or adults, the food carried, should be dry and not messy as such. Grab a bite, wipe off your hands with tissue and your good to go. Easy and simple to eat without spilling or soiling our clothes is the idea behind these finger food snacks that can be carried along. 

All of us look forward to the goodies packed in the picnic basket.  When on a holiday, there's are no restriction on junk food.   We are on a break and can eat all that we wish to.  Flavourful snacks both sweet and savoury like tea cakes, cookies, sandwiches, are easily packed without any fuss. 

Carrying a home made drink along with a spill proof bottle will be a good idea as well. 

Drinks like Cinnamon Spiced Orange Iced Tea Recipe or Lavender Lemonade Cooler Recipe will complete our picnic menu.

So get ahead and start planning your next picnic or road trip and of course your menu as well. 

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