8 Sundal Recipes For A High Protein Vegetarian Diet

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Sundal's are an integral part of a South Indian Cuisine. Whether it is ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri or any other festival, or simply as a snack you will always find Sundals as a part of a weekly diet. Sundal's are essentially legumes that are soaked and cooked and tossed in south indian spices like green chilies, curry leaves and coconut. It is most often had as a snack along with a cup of coffee. From Chickpeas, Green Peas to Sweet Corn, these sundals are very healthy to eat too and are a rich source of vegetarian protein. 

Below are a few delicious Sundal recipes that you can now try in your kitchen and up your protein content. You can also pack it into an office lunch box or as a snack for the kids school lunch boxes.

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