11 Clever Ways to Repurpose Mason Jars In Your Kitchen And Home

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If we say there is a product available in the market, which is beautiful, can be used for different purposes and is priced cheap, what will you do? We will rush to the market and buy it. Yes, Mason Jar is one such thing which is highly in demand these days. They can be seen everywhere whether it's someone's kitchen, home or an office space. They are available in different bright colours and designs that attracts you as soon as you see them. It is one of those products which can be used for so many purposes and also we don't have to buy different products for various things as this single product does it all.

From Kitchen Storage to Home Decor, Mason Jars can be used to do several interesting things and make our life easier. Not only this, it even makes everything look good and organised. When you serve your delicious food in these mason jars, it makes it look worth taking a picture. And if you are planning to organise a tea party with your friends, you can even plan a Mason Jar theme. Interesting right? You can make your tea party look captivating and winning with the use of different types of Mason Jars.

We are using it and believe us it makes our home look so beautiful. Therefore, we rounded up a few interesting ideas from serving nutrient packed bites to deliciously sweet desserts in a Mason Jar for you. Have a look at it here:

1. As a Dessert Jar

store desserts

When we have guests at home, we always end up serving the desserts in small decorative bowls. But this time, you can do it differently. Make the layers of the desert in the Mason Jars and it will look extremely pleasing. Click To Buy Mason Jars

2. To make Detox Water

detox water 001

Just add in some mint leaves, lemon slices, water and your detox water is ready. You can also add your favourite fruit like sliced strawberries, cucumbers, litchis to make your detox water. Click To Buy Mason Jars

3. To serve Fresh Juice

fresh juices 001

To make your fresh juices look more interesting, serve them in the transparent Mason jars with a colourful straw and slice of lime. Click To Buy Mason Jars

4.To serve Smoothies and Cold Coffees 

coffees coffee

Just like fresh juices, Mason Jars makes our drinks look attractive and it also leaves a good impression when you serve it to the guests in these fancy Mason Jars. Click To Buy Mason Jars

5.To store your Food items

food items

We love our kitchen, because that is the place where we love experimenting our recipes. And it makes us feel even better when our kitchen looks extremely beautiful. So start storing your food items like dals, spices and such things in colourful and decorative Mason jars to make your kitchen look more attractive and colourful. Click To Buy Mason Jars

6.To store Pickles/Jam/Honey 

jam jam

We usually keep our pickles on the dining table, so that it becomes easy for us to serve during lunch or dinner time. We can’t store them in those huge pickle bottles, so Mason jars are apt to store pickles too. You can even take out your honey and jams in these jars and keep it on the serving table. Click To Buy Mason Jars

7.To store your Biscuits/Cookies

biscuits cookies

Its rainy season and the biscuits and cookies becomes soggy, if they are not kept in air tight containers. Therefore, Mason Jars can be used to store biscuits and cookies too. Click To Buy Mason Jars

8.To serve Popcorns and other Snacks


Organising a house party? Serve your popcorns or starters in Mason Jars and impress your guests. Click To Buy Mason Jars

9.To store Fresh fruits/vegetables

fresh fruits

We are always in hurry in morning hours, as we have to make breakfast and lunch in very less time. If we cut fruits and vegetables at night and store it in these Mason jars in refrigerators, our life can become much more easier and it also keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh. Click To Buy Mason Jars

10.To serve layered Pasta and Salads

pasta pasta

This is one creative way of serving your pastas and salads. Add the layers of your favourite dish, garnish it with herbs and serve it. Click To Buy Mason Jars

11.Convert it in a Decorative item

decorative items

Make it a candle holder, a flower pot, a tea light holder or keep the coloured Mason jars as it is. They adds a twist to your living space and looks very attractive. Click To Buy Mason Jars

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