12 Antioxidant Rich Recipes To Include In An Everyday Diet

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You might have noticed the labels of fortified ready to eat foods that carry the tag “antioxidant rich”. What are the antioxidants? Why are they so important and how much is ideal to consume? What are the natural sources of antioxidants? Here is an article that addresses all these questions that rise. Let us dive into what they mean for our survival.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are the compounds that avoid and stop free radicals that lead to oxidation and degeneration of tissues. Explained in simple terms, we need antioxidants to,

  • Slow signs of ageing
  • Have a soft, supple and radiant skin
  • Maintain a body that is less prone to cancer
  • Have a longer life span
  • Reduce risk of dementia
  • Delay getting cataracts and issues that arise due to less flexible tissues

Hence, it is always great to consume 3 portions of beneficial foods that supply the required antioxidants recommended for our body.

What are the sources of Antioxidants?

Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and the compounds like flavonoids, lignin, lutein and selenium are the beneficial free radical busters. Foods that are rich in the above said nutrients are welcome foods to fill in the antioxidant requirement of our body.

Many of the naturally available vegetables and fruits have these free radical busters in them, including whole grains. Here are the topmost antioxidant rich foods that you must know and include in your diet.


Goji berry, blueberry, strawberry, cranberries, blackberries and raspberries are so rich in antioxidants that with a serving of a cup of fruit, you can way far cross the daily recommendation (needless to say, it is great if you can have more antioxidant that the minimum recommended daily dose).


Fruits like kiwi, prunes, raisins, plum, red grapes, cherries and orange are a great source of this group of compounds acting as antioxidants too.


Among vegetables, kale (green leafy veggie), spinach, cilantro, broccoli, beetroot, red bell pepper and onions have a good amount of antioxidants. Try to include them in salads and also in cooked form, combining the healthy ingredients to keep a check on overall health.


For all spice lovers, here’s a great news. Spices like clove, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, cumin, and ginger are a great source of flavonoids and related antioxidants. Hence, it is good to add spice to what you eat. More than they make a difference on palate, they do count in keeping the body free of illness and help in longevity.

Here are some more foods

Foods like dark chocolate (about 2 blocks a day), kidney beans, corn are also rich in the phytonutrients that bust free radicals. Green tea, and salmon fish also have antioxidants in plenty. You can include them in moderate amounts and plan well such that you get all the nutrients your body needs every day. Garlic, brazil nuts, red meat, grains, eggs and garlic are rich in selenium that is an antioxidant as well. Flax seeds, barley, rye and oats contain lignin, which is a compound in the same group of phytonutrient.

Take a look at these recipes that are high in antioxidants. All said and done, you will love their taste as well, instead of consuming fresh raw veggies and fruits.

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