12 Coconut Milk Based Curries That You Will Absolutely Love

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A versatile tropical region ingredient, coconut is a fruit. First grows out on a coconut tree as a tender coconut, which is harvested and dried out. The husk is then removed and the brown coconut shell is found. Inside this shell is the fresh coconut with coconut water on the inside.  There are various ways to use all the different parts of this humble coconut.  From the coconut husk, the shell to coconut oil, and the coconut flesh to coconut milk.  Coconut Milk is one such ingredient, that brings out great flavours, when used in any dish, belonging to any cuisine from a Thai curry to a Kerala Vegetable Stew 

Coconut milk is made by grinding fresh coconut flesh along with warm/hot water and this first thick extract is the homemade coconut milk. 

Here's the recipe - Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe

Freshly made coconut milk at home tastes great, however the store bought tetra packs are equally good and great to be picked up last minute when you decide to make a recipe that requires it.  Coconut milk is dairy free and vegan. Great to be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant. 

It is used across various cuisines, from Kerala dishes like stews to Thai recipes like curries, and many a times used in Bengali cuisine as well.  You will also find the usage of coconut milk in recipes from the Goan cuisine and Malvani Cuisine. 

Coconut and its by products like Coconut Milk have various healthy benefits. Here are a few: 

  • Helps to keep the skin and hair healthy and youthful looking. 
  • It improves healthy cholesterol 
  • Reduces heart risk 
  • Helps in removal of free radicals that are instrumental in premature ageing 
  • Improves absorption of nutrients and aids in improving digestion 
  • Promotes weight loss

Here is a list of recipes, that use coconut milk as the base. 

So wait no more, and dive right into these recipes to make them for your family and friends.