12 Creative Ways To Use South Indian Podi To Make Your Meal Delicious

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There are days when we want to spend less time in kitchen by avoiding lengthy cooking process but at the same time, want to keep our taste buds pampered as well. Various spice combined with dals to make Podi comes in handy at those times. Podis prepared well in advance can usually be stored for a long time Podi is a delicious combination of spices and dals with desiccated coconut sometimes. Naturally protein rich, podi tastes delicious with plain hot rice, ghee, and sambar.

The ingredients and process of various podi recipes differ regionally. Certain podis like Sambar podi or rasam podi needs to be cooked with other main ingredients like vegetables or meat to make various curries, stews, and stir-fries, wherein the chutney podis like Andhra Style paruppu podi, paruppu podi, milagai podi, godhi chutney podi, Menthe hittu which are made with a combination of various roasted dals and cereals can be consumed with food, with no further cooking required.

Store the podis in an air-tight container or some may even have to be stored in the refrigerator for longer shelf-lives. Generally, podis without desiccated coconut or any wet ingredients can be stored away for longer. Use freshly prepared or well stored roasted dal powders to make various recipes like kathirikai podi curry, carrot podi dosa or foxtail millet podi dosa and more, to make life in the kitchen easier and quick.

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