12 Delicious Rajasthani Recipes That You Can Cook In Your Kitchen

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Rajasthan is a land of royals which is famous for its culture and traditions. This state is unique and distinctive in its own way because of its delicious cuisine. The people in Rajasthan love to eat and it is clearly evident in the preparation of their food. From Dal Bati to Pyaaz Kachori to Ghevar, there are dishes for every meal which is so delicious that you get hungry even seeing a glimpse of it.

Rajasthani food is usually spicy and is made using a lot of ghee. Without ghee, you will not get the real taste of their food. What is more interesting about this cuisine is that all the recipes are different from each other. Well, clearly the diversity can be seen in their food too. Rajasthan is divided into two regions, Mewar and Marwar, where the recipes are same but have a slight difference in the method of preparation. The Rajasthani food is also called as the food of royals because these delicacies were made for the raja maharajas of the state in the past.

You can try these scrumptious recipes on your trip to Rajasthan or you can even cook them in your kitchen. They are easy to make and takes the usual ingredients to get ready.

There are delicious combos like Dal Baati Churma, which is a staple diet of Rajasthanis. You will also find this combo during their festivals, weddings or religious functions. There are other main course recipes like Gatte Ki Sabzi, Pyaaz Kachori, Rajasthani Dal, Pitor Ki Sabji, Rabodi Ki Sabji, Kanji Vada and Ker Sangri which are absolutely delightful and delicious. Archana’s Kitchen brings you some lip-smacking Rajasthani recipes that you can prepare at home with the daily ingredients.