12 Delicious Vada Recipes That Are Not Deep Fried - Take A Look

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Vada recipe is authentically a South Indian fritter with lentils. Lentils are usually soaked and ground to batter, and various spices and other leafy greens or onions are mixed to get a thick batter. Different vada recipes call for differing instructions and processing to make; some have a smooth batter and a few recipes have smooth batter with soaked or coarsely ground lentils. These lentil dumplings are traditionally deep fried and served hot as snack along with a suitable accompaniment out of many recipes that pairs with these, like chutneys or sambars. Vada recipes are now popular in all of India as a snack option in many food joints.

Though initially developed as a snack as in Medu Vada Recipe in Sambar, vadas have also found their way as side dish, as in Kollu Vada Kurma Recipe or Kanji Vada Recipe. Vadas are also popular when combined with dahi, as in Dahi Vada Recipe and Stuffed Dahi Vada Recipe. Through various avatars of vada bearing different combination of ingredients, cooking vada in Kuzhi paniyaram pan or baking the fritters instead of deep frying. Bushing with little oil is enough for baking the vada recipes, that usually have coarsely ground or soaked (-but not ground at all) lentils or dals in them; while Kuzhi paniyaram pan suits most of the vada recipes with smooth batter. Try out such healthy vada recipes that are either baked or done on Kuzhi paniyaram pan. You can also try other fritter recipe following these methods and prep the healthy version of fritters.

Recommended appliances: Kuzhi paniyaram pan, Convection microwave oven

12 Delicious Vada Recipes