12 Easy & Delicious Beetroot Recipes That You Can Cook In Your Kitchen

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Beetroot is one of those vegetables which is used by very few people in their daily cooking. Some of them don’t like the taste, while others don’t know how to use them apart from juice and salads. In South India, Beetroot is used very commonly in their daily cooking. From rice to rasams, they use this vegetable in many of their dishes. We usually find beetroot in Lebanese food like Shawarma and salads too. If we like it in all those recipes, why not include it in our regular diet?

Not only it tastes great, but it also has so many advantages. From taking care of your skin to detoxifying your body to cleaning blood vessels, this vegetable can do wonders to your body. Some other benefits are:

Helps to cure heart diseases

Controls Blood pressure

Lowers your Cholesterol

Excellent good during pregnancy


Helps to heal the wound

Fat-free and provides energy

Apart from raw or pickled beetroot, this versatile vegetable can turn its hand to anything from parathas to exotic salads. It can be used to make rice, poriyal, raita, stew, sambar, pesto, humus and even halwa. One can make recipes only with beetroot or can combine it with other veggies to make a dish out of it. So what else you need to make a healthy and delicious dish? The next time you go for grocery shopping, don’t forget to add Beetroot in your list. Try these recipes at home and we bet you Beetroot will be your new favourite vegetable.