12 Fulfilling Breakfast Smoothie Recipes To Boost Your Energy

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Do you love to be busy? Enjoy your household chores and career together? Want to always eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Or are you that perfect homemaker who ensures every day that the right nutrition is fed to the family? Morning rush hardly allows people to enjoy every bite of breakfast that is an essential fuel till lunchtime. What do you do to fill the deficit of the nutrition that might as well be incomplete?

Thinking of easy but healthy recipes to kick start your day? Researchers have proved that having fruits in the morning and milk is a fulfilling start for the day. That’s the reason cereals and porridges with fruit and milk are dependable. Various smoothie recipes when had as a supplement to the simple western breakfast of bread scores a notch higher to the store-bought juices.

Any strained juice that excludes beneficial pulp results in loss of fiber and the vitamins and minerals along. Various fruits, nuts, and vegetables can be combined together to make smoothies, which are blended along with the whole pulp. Apart from these 12 delicious and fulfilling breakfast smoothie recipes to boost your energy, you can always try smoothies with your favorite healthy ingredients and make the smoothies interesting.

Use a scientific Hand Blender to make a quick smoothie on the go without any nutrient loss. Plan in advance if using any soaked nuts or cereals in your smoothie

Serving Ideas:

You can serve your favorite breakfast smoothie recipe in Tall Serving Glasses, Mason Jars & in Special Melamine tumblers for kids.

1. Pitcher & Glasses

Pitchers and glasses can be used when there is a tea-party or get together at home. The smoothie will look most appetizing this way because of clear glass.

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Pitcher and Tumbler

2. Tumblers

Glasses and tumblers of various forms can be used to serve smoothies every day to the family. Set of fancy tumblers will add appealing vision to the healthy smoothies.

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3. Mason Jars

Among many uses of a mason jar, these could be a nice serving idea of smoothies for fussy kids and adults alike. The smoothie wouldn't easily spill out unless someone intentionally topples its over!

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mason jar for smoothie

4. Melamine Set

Melamine is a great option next to plastic, to serve smoothies and juices to kids. Since they are less prone to breakage and costs less than the glass tumblers, moms can handle the kids these tumblers full of healthy and colorful smoothies added with attractive frozen fresh fruit cubes to make it more interesting.

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teddy tumbler

Here are the smoothie recipes that you can create in a jiffy, which will fill you in on nutrition as well.

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