12 Healthy Whole Wheat Bakes

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Maybe you’ve suddenly become conscious of eating a more healthy diet free of refined foods? Or maybe you’ve read up a lot about the benefits of consuming whole grain flours? Or perhaps you just love the grainy, nutty taste of whole wheat compared to refined flour. And if you’re just looking for an excuse to make your baking healthy so you can bake more, guilt-free for your family, this is the list for you. 

One of the basic ways to take the healthy route to baking your favourite things is to choose whole wheat flour over maida or refined flour or all purpose flour. While the latter is the better alternative for baking as it is light and yields fluffy results, whole wheat flour has made a huge comeback, putting the health back in baked goods. Higher on fibre, and therefore denser in texture, using whole wheat usually yields a slightly coarse feel, but is easy to work around if you use the right accompanying ingredients like the right fats, enough water and other flavours too.

This list contains 12 recipes for everything from bread, to rolls, to pita bread, muffins, energy bars, and fruit filled dessert options. You’re sure to find some favourites in here!