12 Great Homemade Cookies & Cakes For Christmas & Holiday Season

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There's no better way to up the festive spirit at your Christmas party than to say "thank you for coming" with a bag of handmade gifts. Edible, homemade gifts, put together with love will only fetch you extra brownie points! So this Christmas, plan ahead and make some of these edible homemade party favours for your guests. 

Cookies and tea cakes are some of the easiest Christmas goodies to put together as well as pack in portable gift bags. Simple recipes with wow results are the way to go. So pick form our selection of delicious cakes and cookies and give your 

Festive Cookies

It's hard to not love a well made cookie. With just the right amount of butter, hint of sugar, sometimes the adequate touch of spices, fruits, nuts or the other irresistible interruption - chocolate chips! Cookies are everybody's favourite. This selection includes a good range from the standard Christmas requisite of Gingerbread Man Whole Grain Cookies to a classic crowd-pleaser, the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. Ginger Brandy Cookies capture all the Christmassy flavors, with a hint of naughtiness through the brandy. The Dark Chocolate and Star Anise Biscotti makes a good tea time or snack box treat, and the Torcettini di Saint Vincent Twisted Cookie is sure to add some festivity to the goodie bag. And just for good measure, there's an extra celebratory Mexican Wedding Cookie in there too! Take your pick. 

Celebratory Cakes

Simple, unadorned, homemade, buttery tea cakes with a golden crumb are really the best kind of cakes there are. While bigger celebrations may call for fancy sculpted, iced cakes, the joy of baking a homemade classic is unparalleled. What is Christmas without a traditional boozy Christmas Plum Cake, chock full of fruit? For an added festive touch, make thisrefreshing Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake. Muffins and brownies are very easy to portion and pack - Strawberry Upside Down Muffins and Fudgy Chocolate Chunk Brownies will be loved by all. And if you want a simple to make, but gorgeous to look at cake try this Strawberry Tea Cake or this Chocolate Orange Marble Cake. Be sure to bake some for yourself too!