13 Essentials Tools You Must Have In Your New Office Kitchen

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It's always exciting to start a business of your own. That feeling of waking up in the morning and leaving for your own office is great. But with a startup, comes many other responsibilities that you have to finish before you start working in the office. It also becomes your second home when you have lots of work and have to meet certain deadlines. One have to set up the furniture and all the necessary things, which is necessary for a space where people are working for long hours.

Along with other necessary things like the furniture, bathroom amenities and necessary electric appliances, it is very important to have a small kitchen area which includes basic items like a microwave, some utensils, snacks and some beverages for our employees.

On the other hand, startups always end up having meetings in their office. Well, I am sure you want to be a good host to them because they are important for our business. Therefore, setting up a kitchen is always essential. We have lined up some basic appliances and utensils that will help you to set up a kitchen in your office.

1. Mini Fridge

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Fridge has become an important part of our life. If you are spending 10 hours at a place, you surely needs this appliance to store your food. We usually have parties to celebrate occasions like getting a big contract or celebrating someone’s birthday and we end up ordering extra food. We surely don't want to waste it, so we can always store it in the fridge and eat it later.

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2. Microwave

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We all bring food from home, but it usually gets cold till we eat it because most of us start working early in the morning or we leave our place early due to long distance. This helps to heat our food and also to make beverages like tea, coffee etc. We can also make snacks in the microwave when we are hungry during the odd hours.

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3. Coffee Maker

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Sitting and working at one place can make you feel sleepy and tired and coffee always makes you feel fresh. Therefore, coffee maker is a must in every kitchen.

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4. Tea Cups

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Good tea cups are always important. If you have guests in your office, serving tea and coffee in good cups always leaves an impression.

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5. Big Bowls/Small Bowls

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These Bowls can be used while having your lunch everyday or to eat some snacks in between the working hours.

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6. Plates

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Just like bowl, one can use it during the lunch time.

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7. Spoons and Forks

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You can’t carry everything from your home on a daily basis, so having small utensils like spoons and forks in your kitchen itself makes your life easier.

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8. Water Bottles

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We all know that drinking water is very important and these bottles help us count the water intake in our body. Well, I always prefer bottles so that I know how much water I had in the entire day. Also you don't have to stand and fill your glasses every time when you have a bottle near you.

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9. Storage Box

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You always need storage box to store your snacks like biscuits, nankeens etc, because you cant keep them in open packets as they gets destroyed. Storage boxes also helps to make the place look neat as everything gets stored in different boxes.

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10. Glasses

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This is the first thing you need to buy for a small kitchen. You can buy both the simple ones as well as the fancy ones. Simple ones for the daily use and fancy ones for your guests.

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11. Utensil Stand


The utensil stand is very necessary to organise your kitchen utensils and appliances. It also makes your life easier, as you know which thing is kept in which part of the stand.

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12. Coasters

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This helps to save your furniture from the beverage you drink. Also the colourful and quirky coasters makes your table look good.

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13. Dustbins


You cant survive without this in a kitchen. Dustbins are the most important part of any kitchen, as you don't want to go out, find a garbage place and throw your waste. Therefore keeping a dustbin in your kitchen makes your life easier.

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