13 Indian Independence Day Recipes That Will Make You Feel Patriotic

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Come 15th August of the year 2018, we will be celebrating 72 years of Independence, since the first time in 1947. Our sense of patriotism, tends to be awakened during this national festivals if not otherwise. There's a sense of pride when you look back at our rich culture and heritage, that includes the regional festivals we follow, to our food and culture, rituals and routines, to the attire we wear.  

Our country literally is the living example of "Unity in Diversity". Amongst all the parameters that hold us together as Indians, by far the most common one I'd say is food. 

Here are a few recipes, inspired by the colours of the Indian tricolour- each colour with its significance of making it to the national flag. 

While the the saffron color indicates the country's strength and courage, white represents peace and truth, it is also the colour band that holds the blue dharama chakra. Green indicated fertility, growth and auspiciousness of our motherland. Likewise here are a few colourful recipes you can make to celebrate this Independence day to bring out the true Indian in you. 

Tri Color Dhokla

Tri Color Idli

Tri Color Chutney 

Tri Color Biryani

Tri Color Halwa