15 Best Chaat Recipes You Have To Make This Holi

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Is it 4 O clock and are you craving for something chatpata? Or Are you planning a Chaat Party for Holi this year? You have arrived at the destination to find the 15 Best recipes that you could ever need to prepare chaat items at home! People from all over India love chaat and given a choice will eat them at any time of the day. Holi is just another occasion that all of us need to whip up these easy chaat recipes and delight our family and friends. 

Chaat is a savoury snack or a appetizer that is prepared with its own tastes and methods in different parts of India. The Pani Puri/Puchka/Golgappa that you taste in Kolkata might be very different from the Pani Puri that you taste in Mumbai. It is believed that Chaat has its origins in Uttar Pradesh in North India, made its way down to south birthing various flavours and preparation techniques that are unique to that region. From the water used, ingredients and spices that are easily available in a particular region, chaat has morphed into the taste and texture that region has to offer. There is even eastern and western influences alluding to the creation of chaats that have noodles and pasta in them. 

Chaat does not contain only one shape or form but a plethora of ingredients that come together to give you that party in your mouth with each bite. Chaat - the word is an umbrella for any dish that contains a element of raw vegetables like onion and carrots that are sprinkled over a cooked/fried element such as a Aloo Tikki or Samosa or Papdi or Kachori and sometimes finished off with curd. But one you can be sure of is that each bite of or plate of chaat is absolutely heavenly. 

So without any further reading, here are easy recipes that will help you create a  chaat party menu  so that your Holi Party can be a huge success!