15 Delciious Bhindi (Okra) Recipes You Must Try

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Bhindi also known as the Okra or Ladies Finger is one of a classic Indian vegetable that is made in various forms in every Indian home. The bhindi has a vegetable adds to the core dish of the lunches or dinner and goes with phulkas or even along with rice. The best part of cooking the bhindi is that it gets cooked in a jiffy. It is a wonderful ingredient that can be used to prepare a number of delicious and lip-smacking dishes. 

From Rajasthani, South Indian to Afghani, you can cook Bhindi in myriad different styles that will add flavor to your everyday meals. You can either make a dry sabzi, into a curry, a pulao, raita or even khichdi.

Here are some amazing Bhindi recipes we have curated for you, that you can easily cook in your kitchen with the basic ingredients. Make these recipes at home and impress your friends and family and share your feedback with us.