15 Gratifying Casserole Recipes To Try

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Casserole recipes are native to French cuisine, while they were later adopted to create different recipes to suit the regional palette across continents. These are an easy fix for dinner because the ingredients just need to be assembled and put away in the oven to be baked. Zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, cauliflower, tomato, and a plethora of veggies and meat can be included in casserole recipes with freshly made or stored sauces, exotic herbs to flavour up along with added spices.

Cookware For Casserole Recipes

All the casserole recipes are brought to table straight from oven and are served from the bakeware used in baking. Casseroles can be made of glass, stoneware, cast iron or ceramic. One pot recipes made in a skillet (cast iron) are also considered as casserole recipe, though the method of preparation does not include baking in an oven. To prepare casserole recipes, here are a few popular kind of bakewares based on the material used.

Casserole Recipes

Casserole recipes usually have vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients with a binder ingredient like flour, rice, potato or various sauces, cheese or paste. Most of the casserole recipes also have a topmost layer of crunchy cheese. In some parts of the world, like New Zealand and Australia, the veggies and meat are browned on the stovetop or grilled, and then mixed with a liquid base and baked to make casserole recipe resembling the consistency of stew. While the dish prepares so is gravy like, there is lesser chance of recipe getting burnt in the oven. These casserole recipes are one pot meal in itself and often served with wine, salads, assorted cheese platter and soup. Try out these yummy 15 casserole recipes that will give a gracious meal on any weekday or weekend you desire.

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