16 Homemade Mango Pickles You Must Try This Mango Season

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When mangoes are in season, every indian home is preparing Mango Pickles traditional to their region. Raw mangoes are in plenty during the months from March to July and you can pickle with almost every raw mango you get. Each one of the raw mangoes brings a different taste and flavor for mango pickles.

Each region has their speciality pickle masala that is added to the mangoes which go through an anaerobic fermentation. Mango Pickles make a main side dishes to most indian cuisines and sometimes various vegetables in season like carrot, cauliflower are also used to make a mixed vegetable mango pickle. 

Choosing the right mango for making pickles is important. The mango has to be very raw and also crisp, so it will stay for longer periods of time when pickled. 

Below are a few delicious homemade mango pickles you can make this mango season!