16 Wholesome Green Peas Recipes You Must Try

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Green Peas are one of a type legumes given their versatility and health benefits. They are little powerhouses of nutrition that are a blessing to mankind. Not only are these sweet legumes delicious, but they are a great source of folic acid, vitamin K, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, copper, vitamin C, phosphorus and folate. They are also a good source of vitamin B6, niacin, vitamin B2, molybdenum, zinc, protein, magnesium, iron, potassium and choline.

So it goes without saying why green peas needs to be added to your diet right away if you have not already. These are easily available and can be frozen for later seasons when the market runs out of their supply.

The usage of peas is not just restricted to curries, you can incorporate peas in your diet through various recipes, right from salads to chaats. Peas are highly adaptable and blend in with perfect harmony with ever dish they are added to. They add a nice texture to dishes whether they are used fresh, dried or frozen.

So what are you waiting for? Make these delicious recipes with pea today!

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