16 Simple To Make Tea Snack Recipes That You Can Store And Have Anytime

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Evening leisure break is something which is a longing comfort to many and a luxury for some. This after work time is a time of retrospection of the day, a short moment to cherish the day’s fruitfulness and work, a time to plan dinner for some, almost the only time to idle around in the day. We all have different plans of spending this time of the day. Some like to listen to music or watch soaps and a few love reading a book or doing their favourite leisure activity. But all of us would want to include snacks (especially the ones that endure the nibbling) during this leisure hour that we have at hand.

Munching on evening snacks help in pumping in a small pack of energy that satisfy the hunger pang of the evening. What if we could cook the evening snack recipes at one go, on a weekend or a day that we have a little extra time that can be used for a week or more? Prepare these recipes ahead of time and store in air tight containers for week or more. Rotate these recipes such that you have two ready to eat snacks (sookha snacks) during any evenings. These will come in handy when you have the unexpected guests as well. Make sure you do not let wet spoon or hands inside these snack boxes! Enjoy your evening leisure chatting or spending some quality time alone, along with a choice of munching on your favourite snack.

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