20 Fruit Recipes That You Will Absolutely Love If You Are On A Fruitarian Diet

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At some point of the month we feel as if we need to cut on the calories or need to change the type of food we have been feeding on regularly. What if we could find the best recipes with fruits to try then? When you love fruits, you tend to crave eating them more and more. If that does well to the body, why not try more and more of it?

What Is A Fruitarian diet 

Being fruitarian is a diet which is gaining popularity. Most people try fruitarian diet to help in weight loss. Being fruitarian is eating nothing except fruits and occasionally, dried fruits & nuts. But fruitarian diet has its own drawbacks because of cost, incomplete nutrition and might lead to loose motions. However it might not be sustainable or even healthy to do a fruit based diet, but at least one or two meals a week can be substituted with only fruits. This will help us get the energy we need, also give the body some rest in processing complex proteins and foods. 

But eating raw fruits is more beneficial, if they are had along with other vegetables and staple cereals or pulses. Here is a glimpse of the benefits of eating fresh fruit.

  1. Since majority of fruits are a storehouse of moisture, the water content of fruits naturally hydrate body.
  2. Fruits are a great way to gain immediate energy when in dire need since they have simple sugars like glucose and fructose.
  3. Fruits are high in minerals and vitamins. Fruits like mangoes, citrus are rich in Vitamin C which also helps bust free radicals and keep the cells rejuvenated.
  4. Most of the fruits are low in fat, which inhibit any idle calories in body. And since they hydrate us well, they have a cleansing effect on impurities in body.
  5. Low in sodium and calories count for a welcome food even during diet or weight loss.
  6. Fruits are generally researched to up energy, increase mental clarity, improve concentration, & self-confidence and promote weight loss and help in cancer prevention by helping in keeping healthy cells.

Eat raw fruits as much as you can and look into various ways of including more fruits into daily diet. Sneak them in by cooking, sautéing, baking, freezing or eating them raw. Here are 20 wonderful fruit recipes that you will absolutely love.

20 Delicious Fruit Recipes

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