20 Legendary & Classic Foods Of India That Will Bring Back Memories & Love

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Every time someone goes out of town from the family, we end up making a huge list of snacks, sweets and other similar things which are prominent in that particular town. Usually, we buy snacks and sweets which are famous in smaller quantities while we are travelling but once it gets over we crave for it because we loved it a way too much. There are also many things which we ate while growing up and still remember the taste of it.

In our hunt for finding things that are native to a region, we found this website 'Place of Origin' where we can get those delicacies again with a click of a button. We were delighted and decided to work together with 'Place of Origin' to showcase some of the favorites.We found that we can get everything from snacks, sweets to pickles from different parts of India. Exciting right?

In our research we ordered a lot of things from the online website and it took us back to our homegrown favorites. I hope you enjoy some of the favorites we have listed. You might find something that you love too. So go ahead and get your senses tickling.

1. Indian Sweets

Sweets are an important part of an Indian meal during festivals and special occasions. And what can be better if we can get sweets from some of the famous places around India. Place of origin has a large variety of sweets from different regions of India. Some of our favourites are


Pootharekulu fromGruhapriya Sweetsin Visakhapatnam


Sund Panjiri fromPahalwansin Jammu


Sadanand Sweets from Gokak

2. Dry Fruits

Good quality dry fruits are very important to make a dish more flavourful, but we usually suffer getting really good quality ones in the local market. But now you can get them on Place of Origin, as they source their dry fruits from the famous ‘Ramanlal Vithaldas’ in Mumbai who have a 60 year old heritage in sourcing and sorting dry fruits. From Walnut, Almonds to other dry fruits you can find everything here.

RamanlalVithaldas Dryfruit

Dryfruits from Ramanlal Vithaldas

3. Namkeens

Initially, namkeen was one of those snacks which was usually made at home. But with the increasing number of manufacturers coming up with good quality and variety of namkeens, people have started buying it from the market. We all grew up with some favorites and every city has its own variety of namkeen and a few which are very famous for its taste and flavour. One of them is Amba Bhadang, which is prepared by a small family from a town called Jaisinghpur near Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Our other favourites are-



Farali Chevdo

Farali Chevdo

Methi Mathri

Methi Matrhi

4. Chocolates and Toffees

Chocolates and Toffees are probably the best thing in the world and we really can’t decide on which one is our favourite. For a chocolate lover, a place can be heaven where he/she can find a huge variety of chocolates which is usually not available in the local shops. And it can’t get any better when the chocolates are delivered at your doorstep. Our favourites from their wide collection are-

  • Vegan Dark Chocolates from Mason & Co from Auroville- These chocolates are organic and are entirely made from Cacao, which is directly sourced from farmers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. You should definitely give Dark Chocolate with sea salt a try.
  • Kwality Toffees from Dehradun- These toffees are made by the same family since 1947 and is quite popular all around India.
  • Earth Loaf Chocolates from Mysore- They make chocolates using organic South Indian cacao with other delectable ingredients.
  • Moddys Chocolates from Ooty- They are manufacturing chocolates since 1951.
kwality Toffees

Kwality Toffees

Moddys Ooty chocolates

Moody's Ooty Chocolates

Mason Co2

Mason Chocolate

5. Biscuits

Biscuits are fluffy, tasty, light and the best thing about them is they can be eaten at any time of the day. One thing we miss the most are the traditional Irani biscuits and we were excited when we saw the authentic ones on the ‘Place of Origin’. They have some of the best biscuits from India.

  • Shrewsbury Biscuits from City Bakery in Pune- They are one of the original Irani bakeries in Pune. Along with their Shrewsbury biscuits, you should also try their Parsi Batasa and Cheese Fingers.
  • Desi Ghee Nankhatai from Le Devis in Surat- They are famous for their butter biscuits with delicious flakes of pista.
Desi Ghee Nankhatai

Desi Ghee Nankhatai


Shrewsberry Biscuits

6. Pickles

During summer, almost every household in India gets busy in selecting the best raw green mangoes, fruits and other vegetables for the season's lot of pickling, as it makes a great accompaniment with your meals. But, when you live in big cities, it becomes a bit difficult to prepare them at home due to hectic schedules and constant watch. Therefore people have started buying pickles from the market, because there is a huge variety of pickles available. Place of origin has some lip smacking ones from our favourite places.

  • Fern Pickles from Pune- Ferns pickles was started by Mrs. Fernandes in 1937 and it became popular among the British as well. They stopped selling in India and were only exporting their products in different counteries. But now even you can taste the amazing pickles as they are available on 'Place of Origin'.
  • Green Chilly Pickle from Himachali Chukh of Kangra Valley- Well, this fiery green chilli pickle is our favourite from the lot.
  • Pachranga pickles from Panipat - Panipat is famous for these patronage pickles and the unique mustard oil flavours of these pickles are well received across India.
  • Harnarains of Delhi - This family is running the business of making the authentic north indian pickles. Established in 1944 in Khari Baoli area in Chandi Chowk, Delhi, they have unique varieties of lip smacking pickles.
Fern Pickles

Fern Pickles

Himalayan Green Chilly citrus Chukh

Himachali Chukh


Pachranga Pickles

delapickle harnarains

Harnarains Pickle

7. Jams and Honey

From toast, pancakes, waffles to muffins, Jam and honey are such things which can make everything more delicious and flavourful. Other than fruit jams and regular honey, ‘Place of Origin’ also provides other varieties such as Ginger Jam, Aloevera Jam, Lychee Honey, Neem Honey and Lotus Flower Jam. Their most popular ones are-

  • Bhuira Jams from Rajgrah in Himachal- These jams are prepared by women’s cooperative and they only use to natural fruits to prepare them.
  • Flavoured Honey from Future Organics in Krishnagiri- These flavoured honey’s are completely natural and organic with no pesticides or preservatives and are the best way to revitalise your health.

Bhuira Jams

Future organics honey

Future Organics Honey

8. Tea and Coffee

Tea and Coffee are very popular beverages in India and Indians loves their cup of tea. In most of the households, Tea or Coffee is the first thing that people consume in the morning. People also consume these beverages very often during the day to stimulate their senses and refresh themselves. Some of the best sellers from ‘Place of Origin’ are

  • Tea from Anandini Himalayan Tea in Kangra Vallet- This tea from the valley is known to be naturally organic as the local soil of the valley does not absorb any chemical. They have different types of teawith its range of unique blends. Our favourite one among the variety of tea is ‘Indian Rose tea’ which is made with the combination of rose petals and mint.
  • Balmaadi Estates Coffee from The Nilgiris- This coffee is grown in a natural biosphere, thus it is an earthy and natural coffee. Balmaadi coffee has even won many awards such as Flavour of India, Fine Cup Award 2004 & 2007 for their unique taste and flavour.
kangra tea

Kangra Tea


Balmaadi Coffees

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