Make These 21 Traditional & Fun Recipes For Your Holi Party

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Holi is one festival, where everyone comes together and celebrate it with colours and some delicious food. In between the busy schedules, workload and final examinations for kids, such festivals are a delight to freshen up your mind.

There are a host of traditional delicacies that are relished on the festival which makes the occasion even more enjoyable. Everyone in India, especially in the small cities, people visits their friends and enjoy the different delicacies cooked by their family members. From the Gujarati Gujiyas to Bengali Sondesh, you get everything to eat during this festival. Well, who will say no to celebrate such festival, when you get so many delicious things to eat?

Therefore, when everyone gathers at one place to celebrate this fun festival, it definitely makes time for a party. There are so many recipes like Gujiya, Dahi Bade, Bhang Pakora, Thandai and many more which are traditional and are cooked in the households for years. We here at Archana’s Kitchen are celebrating it with some yummy food and here are some of the recipes that you can cook in your kitchen too for the grand Holi party.

1- Drinks

The summer has already begun and therefore, make sure that you are all set to celebrate the festival with some refreshing drinks. Playing Holi makes everyone thirsty and these drinks will help you keep hydrated so that you can enjoy the fun festival even more. Well, don’t forget to include Bhang in your menu! Here are few of the recipes:

2- Snacks

With all the colour splashed on your face and body, you can eat like a monster. Yes, nobody will judge you on how much you are eating because firstly it's a festival and secondly, they will not even recognise you. So eat as much as you can! Here are some of the snack recipes that you can munch in between:

3- Main Course

After all the fun, we are sure you will be hungry. And the hunger increases when some yummy food is waiting for you! Here are some of the recipes that you can cook for your main course:


What is more delightful that ending a meal with a perfect sweet dish?