22 Delicious Payasam Recipes You Must Try For Festivals

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Indians, absolutely love our food, needless to say that our own Indian cuisine is our favourite. Packed with flavours, enticing taste buds, we love everything from the first bite of appetizer to the last lick of our desserts. 

Payasam is an authentic, versatile South Indian dessert made primarily with milk and different cereals or grains or dals and many a times we also use fruits and vegetables.  The delicious traditional Indian sweet pudding often sweetened with sugar or jaggery, is flavoured with spices like cardamom and saffron, and almost all payasams have a tadka of dry fruits fried in ghee, making them rich in taste and flavour.

This delectable south Indian sweet dish, payasas are mostly made during festivals and offered to the deities as prasad. Another occasion where payasams are served are at weddings, as part of a traditional south Indian meal on a banana leaf. 

These payasam recipes can be made healthy by using coconut milk or soy milk as the base, and including jaggery as the sweetener. 

So wait no more, and start making these payasams in your kitchen for your family and friends.