30 Indian Drinks That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

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Summer is already here and during this season we always crave for some cool drinks to hydrate our body and quench our thirst. Nothing says summer better than an afternoon spent with a delicious Indian Summer Drink that helps us cool down . These Homemade Summer Drinks are delicious, easy to make and requires very few ingredients.

There are many summer ingredients like Curd, Raw Mango, Milk, Lemon, Fruits, Coconut which are used to make the drinks. India is rich with different spices and herbs and each region has its unique fruits. Most indian Drinks mix and match these fresh produce and spices together to make delicious refreshing drinks. With the summer approaching fast, the market is filled with fresh produce and you can use them in these drinks. 

Nimbu pani is i think one of the most popular Indian drink as lemon is cheap and is easily available. Full of Vitamin C it is super healthy too. It can be made sweet or salty and you can add other ingredients like ginger and mint to add more flavour to a humble nimbu pani.

Lassi in the North and Buttermilk in the south are all yogurt based drinks that is also so versatile and easy to make at home. Lassi can be flavoured with cardamom, rose water, saffron etc and can be made sweet. Buttermilk is savoury and sometime a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves are also added. You can add mint to enhance flavour in a buttermilk. 

Aam panna is a great drink to save you from heat strokes. Rich in vitamins and iron you can store thick aam panna mix in the fridge. Thandai is another favorite Indian summer drink which is made with dry fruits. Usually served in festivals especially Holi you can serve thandai at your next summer party. 

It would be great right if Indian Summer Drinks promise you health along with freshness? So, here is a list of cool drinks to make at home, which you can add to your meals or just have it during afternoon to beat the scorching heat.