22 Mouth Watering Pakora Recipes For Tea Time Snack

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There is really nothing better than sitting by the window on a cold rainy day, munching on piping hot pakoras and sipping on chai. Pakoras are widely eaten in almost all households across India, with a slight variation from region to region.  A delicious tea- time snack, Pakoras are absolutely welcome in any season, besides, monsoons and winters are the best season to enjoy it with a piping hot cup of Masala Chai

Needless to introduce pakoras, this typical Indian snack is gram flour/besan combined with vegetables and deep fried are most often found to be served with green chutney or sweet chutney

These simple pleasures in life of biting into crispy pakoras and a sip of tea in between is simply wow. It is comfort food at its best.  Chop up your favourite veggies available in your kitchen or use meat, dunk them in batter and fry away a quick snack. Serve it with chutney or just eat it as is. 

Pakoras can be made vegetarian or non- vegetarian by using eggs or chicken, or any meat of your choice. They can be made from aloo to bread, to onion to paneer and the list really is endless.  Trying different types of innovative pakoras, with different main ingredients, variations in batter, seasoning and dips is a good way to experiment in your kitchen . 

So here we are, bringing to you pakora recipes from our kitchen, that you can try and enjoy with your family and friends.