23 Delicious Mango Recipes To Try For An Indian Main Course

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Summers are approaching slowly and steadily and so is the season of Mangoes! Mango, is one of those fruits which is loved and relished by everyone and we just wait eagerly for this time of the year, when we can relish the juicy Ripe Mangoes or the tangy Raw Mangoes. Most of us eat sliced Mangoes as snack or we make a milkshake out of it to beat the scorching heat. But have you ever tried curries and dals out of this delicious fruit?

If you have not, try these delicious Mango recipes that we have lined up for you. You can make these curries and dals for your main course and we are sure your family will also love it. The best thing about these recipes are that they are completely different from each other, as they belong to different regions of India. Due to the use of local masalas and style of cooking, they differ in their taste and flavour.

You can serve these curries along with Phulka, Steamed Rice, Tawa Paratha, Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha or any other Indian Bread or Rice/Pulav recipes. Either you can pair it with some dry subzis from the same cuisine or to make the meal more nutritious, you can add some Raitas or Indian Salads.

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