24 Nourishing Snacks For Kids Exam Days

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March has begun and all the kids are super busy in preparing for their final examinations. Due to exams one after another, kids have to study all day while sitting at one place. The entire day they just get to play with history, science and numbers, which surely requires a good concentration power. It is important at this time, we eat healthy and at frequent intervals to keep fit and relaxed with the pressure of exams. Concentration also comes with a full stomach. And by a full stomach, we mean eating healthy.

Many people take care that the TV is not on while their kids are studying or one of the sibling is not disturbing the another one or they are comfortable in their space, but what they forget to take care about, is their food. When you’re studying, good nutrition often slides way down on the priority list, but it is the most important thing. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay concern on your kids food during exams. The better you fuel their brain, the better they’ll study.

Along with giving healthy and nutritious food, make sure that they are drinking lots of water so that their body remains hydrated. You can also give your kid fresh juices, hot milk with Horlicks or smoothies in between while they are studying and are not hungry enough to eat anything. This keeps their stomach full and they also taste amazing. If you are in no mood to get up, take out your juicer and makes these above things, you can always cut fresh fruits and give it as a snack to your kids. One can always keep some snacks ready like mathris, chiwdas, cookies and chips.

To make it simpler for you, we have lined up some easy and delicious recipes that you can feed your kids during exams. Here are the following:

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