25 Delicious And Easy Kadhi Recipes For Your Everyday Meals

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Kadhi, a North Indian dish that is made with curd and gram flour is an everyday meal at most of the Indian households. In this dish, curd and gram flour is mixed with other everyday spices and then it is tempered with Dry red chillies, mustard seeds and asafoetida. Different regions such as Maharashtra, Bihar, Rajasthan and Gujarat have their own Kadhi recipe which is slightly different in taste from each other because of the masalas used and style of cooking.

You can also add an extra taste and flavour to the Kadhi by adding different types of Pakora, Vegetables, Peanuts, Makhanas etc. Everey Kadhi has a different textuer and taste to it. For instance, Gujarati Kadhi is watery and a little sweet due to the addition of jaggery in it. Rajasthani Kadhi is also watery but it is spicy because if the garlic used in it. Punjabi Kadhis are thick and spicy, has a lot of flavour from garlic, onions and other spices. These Kadhis are easy to make and this perfect for your everyday meals.

There are many options to serve these Kadhi Recipes with, some of the popular combinations that you can try are:

  • Gujarati Kadhi and Steamed Rice with Batata Nu Shaak
  • Rajasthani Kadhi and Bajri Ki Roti
  • Punjabi Kadhi and Makki Ki Roti
  • Gujarati Kadhi and Green Moong Dal Khichdi
  • Rajasthani Kadhi and Gehun Ki Bikaneri Khichdi

Therefore, we have lined up some delicious and mouthwatering Kadhi Recipes from North India that you can make for your everyday meals. Do let us know how you liked it, if you try these recipes: