25 Exciting Ways To Use Carrots In Your Meals

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Carrot - the earliest memory I have of a carrot is that of my mother's when she used to say "Eat Carrot, its good for your eyes". She used to give is as a salad almost every evening either sliced or grated with some seasoning on top. I remember arranging the sliced carrots in a geometrical pattern along with the onions and the cucumber slices to make it look decedent, sprinkle salt and pepper and finish it off with a dash of lemon. We used to wait for the winter time to go to the market and pick up Delhi carrots, so sweet that we ate it as a snack, only to find out later that my mother had bought them to make carrot halwa. I am sure all of us have a version of such memories

Carrots are immensely nutritious and easy to digest. This is one the reasons why carrots are made into purees and fed to babies once they complete 6 months. They taste sweet and easy on the stomach making it a favourite vegetable among infants and toddlers. Here are few of the well known and documented health benefits of carrots

  • Improves eyesight
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Reduces High Blood Pressure
  • Aids in maintaining a good digestive health
  • A powerful antioxidant

Since carrots are relatively easy to grow and available throughout the year, it is easy to incorporate it in the diet. We at Archana's Kitchen have come up with a list of Recipes, that will aid you in using this humble vegetable in every meal during the day. 

1. Soups with Carrots

Carrots add a great flavours in soups, with its sweet taste it complements any other vegetables/pulse very well being the best team player vegetable you can find. Here are a few soup Recipes from our collection, that you should definitely try. 

2. Salads and Raitas

Carrots, grated or chopped and added into curd/yogurt taste delicious. With the smoothness of curd, the carrots provide a fantastic texture to it. Carrots in salads are a classic, and all salads are never devoid of carrots. So here are a few unique carrot salads and raitas that you can serve along with your main meals to make it a wholesome one. 

3. Dips and Chutneys

We have always dipped raw or boiled carrots into a dip, but have you ever tried adding carrot to the dip itself? Well, you should. Here are a few Recipes, which will give you an idea as to how you can incorporate carrots in your dips and chutneys

4. Desserts

Carrots and desserts - what a classic! Everyone has incorporated this beautiful orange coloured root into their dessert recipes either to add a bit of "healthy-ness" into or just because it tastes wonderful. So, here we have a few of our favourites

5. Side Dishes For Rotis Or Rice

Cubed, julienned, diced - anyway you slice it, carrots add colour, texture and taste to any dish. So, it is obvious that it finds its way into our side dishes for our staple meals. Here are a few yet nutritious side dish Recipes in which you can incorporate carrots. 

6. Rotis and Theplas

Carrots can be diced and slices in many ways, the most popular being grated. So here we have a few recipes, where are grate carrots and make our staple meals a little more healthy. 

7. Cakes, Muffins And Breads

We all love our carrot cakes and have made it once or twice just because carrots were available in plenty. So here is a refresher on how to use carrots in cakes, muffins and breads