A South Indian Meal You Must Try - Arachuvitta Sambar With Carrot Beans Thoran

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Here's a comforting and Wholesome South Indian meal plate consisting of Arachuvitta Sambar, Carrot Beans Thoran, Carrot Salad, Steamed Rice, and a big dollop of ghee! This meal plate is a commonly prepared meal in most South Indian home especially Brahmin households

Arachuvitta Sambar is typically made during festivals or special occasions by adding a lot of cooked toor dal, a whole load of seasonal vegetables (without onion for satvik cooking) making it a healthy and protein-rich meal. Arachuvitta Sambar is a delicious Sambar made without the use of sambar powder but with spices that are freshly ground.

You can make this Arachuvitta sambar recipe in a big pot and eat it for lunch with steamed rice, poriyal and also keep it for a simple dinner of Idli and Sambar. 

In this meal plate, we at Archana's Kitchen have balanced this meal with the addition of 2 side dishes - one being a Salad of Carrot and Tomato and another being a classic South Indian Vegetarian Curry of Carrot Beans Thoran making this meal plate a healthy and wholesome one!