3-Course Bihari Menu For Saturday Lunch

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Bihari cuisine is predominantly inclined to values of vegetarianism and influenced by North and East Indian cuisines. Use of Dahi and other dairy products in their everyday meal can be predominantly observed. Biharis are used to panchforan to their tadka,essentially meaning usage of 5 seeds, namely saunf, sarson, methi, ajwain and Kalaunji (mangrail). One can observe mostly light frying and usage of smoked chillies to spice up their dishes and a smoked delicacy called chokha frames a famous part of Bihari menu. This time, we have come up with yummy and filling picks from the menu of Bihar.

Here we go with the choosiest picks of Bihari cuisine to treat your taste buds with this 3 – Course Bihari Menu with appetising starters, main course and lip-smacking Bihari sweet treats to have a meal that your family shall crave for more! Pick any number of dishes to be a Bihari sous-chef this weekend, just remind yourself to choose from all the 3 courses, to make it a complete meal.


The traditional Bihari Pakora is made by deep frying lots of onions, spiced and mixed with flour to which blanched peas give a calming effect to hot summer season. Dahi is an anytime favourite of Bihari kitchen which flavours up well when disguised as Dahi Vada. Choosing to prepare Papdi Chaat for starters will surely add a spiced crunch to the meal.

Main Course

Ghughri or Ghugni is an authentic Bihari main course side prepared with dried white peas or black chick peas. Aloo Ka Chokha is a delicious combination of mashed potatoes with green chillies, onions and coriander sautéed in mustard oil. Baingan ka Chokha is a delicious Smoked & Spiced Eggplant dish that is a very popular recipe from Bihari cuisine. Chokha is often paired with Littis made of wheat and sattu combined with spices and stuffed into maida balls and deep fried in ghee or baked in the oven. The North Indian influence on the Bihari kitchen has made succulent pieces of Cottage Cheese or Paneer that cooked in rich gravy of tomatoes and cream to come together as Shahi Paneer. You can pair it with Makki/ Makai ki roti made by spicing up corn meal with green chillies and ginger. When your gobble down the crunchy starters, these Main Course options can provide a great deal of protein quo to the meal.


How can a great meal end without sweets? Gulab Jamuns made with Khoya are rich and delicious dessert prepared from unsweetened mawa that can be prepared at home. Flavoured with cardamom, fennel and jaggery, stuffed with mawa and raisins, Malpuas are like delicious bites of heaven. Wash them down with sweet rabdi to add to the joy. Or you can also choose to prepare quick-to-make Doodh Peda made with condensed milk and milk powder and garnished with cardamom and pistachios.