3 - Course Homemade World Food Dinner

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World cuisine or world food is increasingly becoming common with the boundaries on the culinary map of the world fast getting blurry, and east to cross. While fusion food is another genre altogether - and focuses on an amalgamation of diverse cuisines, world food is more about sampling many different classic dishes from different stretches of the world. With access to a wider range of exotic ingredients, recipes from around the globe and influences being shared easily through food blogs, gorgeous pictures and cookbooks, putting together a meal that gleans from all over the world is not difficult to do. Indeed, given how multi-cultural the food map of the world is getting, it often feels like the world is a quite literally a melting pot inviting you to dig in!

This weeks #SaturdayNightDinner features a selection of food form around the world. A moreish collection of warm, rustic and classic meals form different parts - some Italian, some French, some British and some American. The appetisers and mains have a wide range, offering you the option to choose as many or as few dishes as you feel inclined to rustling up. And for dessert you have three hard to resist and diverse options that are probably going to make it very hard to choose just one from! 

1 - Appetizers

Sample smattering from around the world with these finger foods that are delicious to taste and gorgeous to look at all at once: Sriracha Spiced Deviled Eggs, No-Mayo Potato Salad, Roasted Zucchini Caprese Salad Rolls, Spicy Stir Fried Broccoli. For some extra veggie quotient, throw in this Avocado, Grapefruit and Walnut Salad and this Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup for some winter comfort.

2 - Main Course

Pre-heat your oven, because many of these suggestions are going to make you rush to the kitchen and fire it up. A hearty Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie encrusted with mashed potatoes, Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with 7 Grain Rice and Sprout Salad that makes a dish on it's own. Tofu Parmigiana with Spaghetti and Tomato Basil Sauce is comforting and draws Italian influences, while this Ratatouille with Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak is a vegetarian take on a French Classic. Roasted Potatoes & Zucchini Bake Recipe in a Creamy Parsley Sauce and this Jamaican Pepper Pot are truly eclectic selection you will want to try at some point.


3 - Desserts

Choose from a decadent Chocolate Tart which you can serve with a berry coulis or a dulce de leche sauce, or Pineapple Praline Pudding for something smooth and cool, or this crumby Eggless Strawberry, Rose and Pistachio Cake that goes excellently served warm, with a scoop of ice cream.