Romantic Valentine Dinner For Two - Thai | Italian | Mexican Dinner Ideas

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It’s that day of the year when everyone wants to spend their precious time with a person whom they love and care about. Right from coffee shops to restaurants to shopping malls, you will find couples spending time with each other and others who are single always have their friends to hang around. The other dilemma people face is what to gift their partners on the special day? Google has answers for it all! It will give you the detailed information about what to gift and where to take your date for a special dinner in the city with special arrangements for the Valentine’s day.

It might be your first Valentine day with your partner or you must have spent many together, but this year it’s time to surprise your companion with something extraordinary. If you wish to stay in at home, then you can cook a cozy Valentine’s dinner for the two of you and create a memory which can be cherished forever.

Watch your favourite movie together while having a cozy dinner and boys believe me, your girl will love it, if you cook a special dinner for her. Grab a bottle of wine and cozy up with one of these three menus. From a cook-it-together project, to a restaurant-worthy meal, to a make-ahead feast, these dinner ideas will surely set the mood.

We have created a delectable simple menu with a few appetizer recipes, a main course recipe and a delicious dessert recipe. Go ahead, start cooking and share a perfect home-cooked meal with your Valentine.

1. Italian Dinner Recipe

2. Thai Dinner Recipe

3. Mexican Dinner Recipe

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