31 No Bake Delectable Desserts That You Have To Try Today

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If you do not have an oven and you still want to make delectable desserts to eat after your meals, you've come to the right place. Making desserts needn't be all that difficult, all you need are the right ingredients and quantities and you are all set. The key to whipping up any dessert is to use the correct quantity of ingredients and follow the Recipe - you cannot go wrong. For any beginner, it is best to start off with these No Bake Dessert Recipes and you will be completely satisfied with the results. No bake desserts can include Tarts, Ice Creams, Truffles, Fudges, Cheesecakes, Trifles, Puddings and many more. You can prepare any one of these Recipes without the use of a Convection Oven or an OTG. They will be delicious and keep you wanting to eat more. 

So just let your oven rest up for a bit and stoke up your creativity and prepare these No Bake Recipes and do let us know how they were. 

In this collections of Recipes, we at Archana's Kitchen have split the various desserts into categories of Cheesecakes, Fudges, Ice Creams, Mousse & Puddings and Tarts, Truffles and Trifles so that it is easy for you to browse and create. 

Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecakes are made using both methods - Baking as well as No Baking. A Cheesecake usually consists of at least 2 layers, bottom layer being the biscuit or crackers layer proving the cake a hard base and the top layer, a creamy one either created with cream cheese as in the case of a New York Style Cheesecake or just even fruit compotes. These layers are added and then stored in the refrigerator for the cheesecake to set and are usually served cold. Here are a few Recipes of Cheesecakes that do not require an oven.

Mousses and Puddings Recipes

Mousses are delectable, creamy spoon licking desserts that are the best to eat when chilled. Mousses are desserts (sometimes even savoury dishes) that involve the technique of trapping air bubbles in the dish so that it gives it that airy texture. Ok, that might sound a bit complicated but really are easy to make. Puddings are usually soft desserts that are easy to make that incorporating various fruits and daily ingredients such as bread.

Fudge Recipes

Generally speaking fudges are desserts that are prepared by heating sugar, butter and milk and bring it to a soft consistency which is then cooled down, cut into squares or even rolled into balls and served with a side of ice cream. To this mixture of sugar, butter and milk, various fruits or flavouring additions like chocolate or healthy ingredients like muesli or oats are also used. So go ahead and make these Fudge Recipes and enjoy them at any time of the day.

Trifles, Truffles and Tart Recipes

Yum, they sound like music to the ears and mouth. So here's what they have in common - they do not require baking (exept tarts of course, but this recipe is a No Bake one). Trifles are typical English or British desserts that are usually layers with cream, fruits, custard and even cake in glass containers which showcase the layers of the Trifle. Truffles are similar to fudges usually shaped as a ball and coated or dusted with toppings that are to each person's liking. So here are a few Trifle, Truffles and Tart Recipes that you must absolutely try!

Ice Creams

We have come so far and how can we not include Ice Creams into this list of No Bake Desserts? Ice Creams are easy to make and not as complicated as it is made out to be. They require very few ingredients but a large amount of patience - because you have to wait for the Ice Cream to set. You can pair up Ice Cream with any of the desserts mentioned above for it to be a truly fantastic dining experience.