34 Appetizing High Protein Salads That You Can Make For Your Next Meal

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Salads, usually served as a side dish with your meal is a great way to add some extra nutrition to your meals. Most of us know only certain recipes of salads that we make at home on everyday basis, but you can always make them interesting. From refreshing salads to high protein salads, there are many that you can make with interesting dressings that gives it more flavour and makes the salads tastier.

If your planning for a light dinner meal, then you can make a nice healthy salad for your dinner. You can also serve these salads along with your meals or pack it in your Lunch Box to munch in between your meals or whenever you are hungry.

Here, we are focusing on high protein salads as it helps you to fulfill your daily protein intake of the day, Proteins are the basic building blocks and without enough protein in your diet, you end up losing muscle mass and your overall health goes down. We need proteins for our hair, nails, muscles, skin and it also provides energy.

Your question might be - How much protein do we need on a daily basis? We need around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. But then again the right amount of protein depends upon the kind of lifestyle you follow, your age, activity level etc. So for a sedentary man it is around 56 grams per day and for a sedentary women it is around 46 grams. 

A common myth that most people have is that if you are a vegetarian then you do not get enough proteins in your diet. This is not true as there are plenty of vegetarian options that not only has protein but also have fiber like beans, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Lentils and beans are powerhouse of nutrients and protein and about 1/2 cup cooked lentils gives you around 9 grams of proteins. 

Cottage Cheese/Paneer, Tofu and Greek Yogurt have some of the highest protein content and you can add these to most salads. They pair well with both fruits and vegetables.

Quinoa is an ancient grain which is a good source of protein as well. It helps you feel fuller for longer and to top all the benefits, it has a hefty dose of heart healthy unsaturated fats.  

So try our collection of delicious high-protein salad recipes that you can enjoy for snacks or lunch or dinner.