36 Sinfully Delicious Mayo Recipes For Quick & Easy Cooking

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Mayonnaise is a yummy emulsion of oil, vinegar, cream, mustard, spices and eggs. This creamy blend can be made egg free and even dairy free vegan mayonnaise are tried and tested to be awesome. Mayonnaise is a condiment that comes in pale colours, and its colour depends upon the ingredients used. Various flavours can be blended in to make it suit the recipe.

Mayonnaise has its literal references earlier in 17th century, though the name came into vogue much later during the period. Mayonnaise is believed to have originated in France. Traditionally made with mortar, pestle and whisking the ingredients, mayonnaise gradually emerged as a commercial inclusion in sandwiches, salads and dips and became rapidly popular around the world.

Del Monte has delicious variations of the popular mayonnaise, which include egg-mayo, eggless mayo, mint-mayo, tandoori mayo, sandwich spread, cheesy dip and tartare dip. Vegetarians have all the more reason to rejoice, since Del Monte has 6 eggless variety of mayonnaise.

What we know little, is the versatility of these mayonnaise flavours. Mayonnaise can also act as one of the major ingredient in cooking, rather than just being added as a condiment. Choose the right kind of mayonnaise to add into your recipe and bring beautiful twists.

You can prepare breakfast recipes like egg dosa, pancakes, baked salmon, appetizers like stuffed potato cutlet, paneer satay, kebabs, sev puri, and main course like quesadilla, butter chicken or pasta with added mayonnaise in the cooking process to add to the oomph of appeal to those delicious recipes. Saute, grill, marinate or deep fry; but add the mayo at the right cooking stage to make them a great addition. Here are the recipes which were prepared with different kinds of mayonnaise in them. Take a look, grab your like and add more variants, if you like!