4 - Course Vegetarian New Years Eve Party Menu

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The most talked-about day for dinner parties is finally upon us, and whether you've made plans to entertain a house full of guests yourself, or go to a potluck dinner party - you're likely to have party people to feed! This Vegetarian New Years Eve Party Menu has some of the best selections from Archana's Kitchen - featuring a good variety of cuisines and flavours. A balance of fun, finger foods and appetisers to a more comforting Indian-themed main course selection. Give this menu a try and zest up your NYE dinner plans.

Choose as many or as few of the options from each section as you wish, to put together the meal you would love to share with your friends and family. It's the last dinner of the year, so make it count! 


Serve these refreshing drinks either virgin, or spiked with the alcohol of your choice, depending on the mood of the evening. There's something for everyone - the Apple & Ginger Cocktail and the Lavender Lemonade Cooler would go very well with a white spirit like Gin, Vodka or White rum splashed into it, with a dash of bitters. For something warmth-inducing, add a glug of your favourite dark rum to the Cinnamon Spiced Orange Iced Tea. 


To go with the drinks, choose Bruschetta with Olives & Raisins, Millet Cottage Cheese Fritters, Sweet Potato & Beet Kebabs and Goat Cheese Crostinis with Mint And Pomegranate which make great finger food to munch on. Curried Tofu Kebabs and Schezwan Chilli Potato would work well for those who like a bit more punch and spice in their snacks. 

Main Course

We're going Indian with the main course this time. A comforting selection of some of the most delicious, yet easy-to-put-together recipes to make a complete meal, no matter which recipe you choose from it. Tandoori Chickpea & Cauliflower Curry that packs a punch, along with a Cauliflower Paneer Kofta Curry and a silky Dahi Wale Aloo Curry will go perfectly with this flavourful Kashmiri Pulao, Dal Banjara and Bajri Ki Roti instead of plain old chapatis.


Winter Dinner Party desserts are best served warm. Deep flavours, indulgent tones make for rich desserts that allow for memories to linger long after the party is over. Try this warm Apple Tart with Puff Pastry or this Sticky Date (Fig) & Walnut Pudding Recipe with Toffee Sauce - both can be dressed up with homemade Vanilla Custard or Vanilla Ice Cream. And if you're feeling ambitious to add a third cold dessert option, this Vanilla Pannacotta Recipe With Strawberry Coulis is perfect.